This build is for gaming.

CPU- I went with AMD because of the price to performance ratio, but after having this build for about 6 months that was a mistake. There is nothing wrong with the CPU, it runs flawlessly but there is really no upgradability. I couldn't spend much though and got it for around $120 at the time, so the price to performance was unbeatable. Also it's overclocked to 4.2GHz.

GPU- I am really pleased with my GTX 970 performance. On BF4 I get around 100 fps on High and on Ultra I get around 75fps but there are a lot of frame drops so I just stick with high.

CPU Cooler- I am VERY pleased with the Noctua D14. On idle it keeps my CPU at low 30's and when playing a game the highest i've seen it go is 52 C. It is VERY big as well though so make sure you do your homework and check if its compatible with your case and ram slots.

Mobo- Very cheap mobo but I am satisfied with my purchase. I wish the bios was better but it's a pretty cheap motherboard and its not very optimized for OC'ing.

Ram- Ram is Ram.

Storage- I am pretty new to building pc's and only recently have I been taking advantage of the speeds of SSD and WOW the difference is huge! When playing BF4 the difference in load in times is like 15 seconds, and for windows I can't even get into the BIOS unless I spam F2! Very Fast! I also went with the WD Black Series 2tb because of how reliable they are.

Case- A nice case with some pretty good aesthetics and quite nice to build in.

Mouse- If you have never used a mouse where you can switch dpi's on the go, you have to try one. I can't say how much I recommend this mouse for gaming. When playing CSGO I use 400DPI, but that is far to low to just surf the internet and play other games like Arma, Rust and other various games. Having the ability to switch DPI's on the fly is so great, and I will never go back to a mouse without fast Dpi changing abilities.

That's about it, if you want to hear about anything else let me know and I will be uploading pictures soon. Feel free to critique me on anything as I am new to building.


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