NOTE: before anybody makes a comment about prices, here are shown the historical prices paid. Understand that some stuff was bought even before 2010.

Bought a BitFenix Merc case mid-2014 for the reason because it was 20$ (free shipping, thanks And now I regret not buying 3-4 of them.

I present you another recycled computer. Mixed parts from my own rig that I have updated following Black Friday/Cyber Monday, parts I salvaged from other computers and some new parts.

Purpose of the build: I LOVE to build computers and I will sell this little baby on local ads.

CPU : Bought to replace some Athlon 64 X2 in some HP desktop years ago. Old Bios never liked them and I still had this one in my loose parts.

MOBO : spare part from a recent upgrade to my own rig. Has plenty of features, including HDMI, IDE connectors and RAID for SATA.

RAM: I had 8gb installed on the rig and decided to keep 2x2gb and remove anotehr 2x2gb for "future use". Good ram, always worked well. I don't care about how it looks, it's RAM and serves a purpose.

Case : loved it, really loved it. First mid-tower case that I enjoyed working with in quite a while. In the recent years I try to avoid mid-atx case as I find them too big for what we usually install inside. But this one I'd buy again.

Storage : Taken from some "servers", I had tons of them and I find it amusing to use them in RAID for a desktop. All of them together makes a nice 592gb (real formatted capacity) drive. Works well, makes considerably less noise than I had anticipated.

PSU : This 430w is a leftover from a psu upgrade around 2013-2014. It's the latest generation of TR2 series and they have greatly improved the fan noise.

Wireless: salvaged from laptop parts, HP branded Broadcom MaxPerformance G.

Mini-PCI adapter: thanks eBay!

Wireless antenna and wire: thanks eBay!

Case fans : 2x Cougar Turbine on the front intake. I freakin love Cougar Turbine 4 packs, I buy them when they get around 20$ and try to get free shipping. Works well, high pressure, low noise, great price.

Rear fan : I wasn't paying much attention to Artic Cooling 'till 2014 when I started to use some fo their F products. The airflow is pretty much straight forward in this case. With the 2 front intake pushing straight towards the back, I decided to install only a 80mm exhaust. Static pressure and airflow will be enough for the generated heat. A little fan on the back, psu is on it's own drawing air from the bottom (I usually never do that), side vent will evacuate extra air that can't make it to the back exit path. My guess is the hard drives will be way hotter than the 45w tdp processor.

Sata Cables: thanks eBay! I really wanted brand new cables to avoid problems so last year a bought quite a bunch. I can patch up a few computers before I need to reuse salvaged sata cables again.

Fan splitter: removed 1 RPM pin so only 1 of the 2 front intake will report the RPM to the motherboard. Thanks to startech for this nice TX3 fan splitter. Bought from Directcanada but not sure about the price. Typed 3$ cause at this point I'm too lazy to search my invoices. Real price should be under 3$.

Cable management : this time I tried to route cables properly, leaving as little as possible to avoid blocking airflow. A lot of cables and wire behind the trays and a couple of them are overlapping, but I successfuly closed the case, meaning my job is done!

ODD : one cd-rw burner and one dvd-rw burner. Both of them PATA (IDE). Regarding old pata drives: I have a lot of CD-RW, DVD-ROM, combo drives, etc. Even a bunch of low space hdd that I will have to install in some upcoming recycled trashy underperforming computers.

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  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

Wow. Nice build and great prices! +1

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! Pics made with my mighty Samsung AceIIx. I'm getting better with that thing but a real camera would be better and easier.

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

I've got to say, your builds here have fascinated me. You have very nicely detailed descriptions, and I like some of your opinions as well. You are someone I'm aspiring to be- in the sense that I would love to have all these scrap and spare parts lying around and being able to build any random computer under the sun with them. I hope one day to come to this point, but I'm still young (a sophomore in high school) but I absolutely love computes. I currently run an Optiplex 755 with a 2.33 ghz core 2 duo, 3 gigs of ram, a geforce gt 610 which works surprisingly well for gaming, and a two hard drives, one is a 500 gig that I salvaged from a laptop.

Thank you for the read if you do read through all of this! I would love to have some of your insight!

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

if you want to mod your computer, I think you can get a Xeon to work. Your optiplex seems to have Q35 chipset. Not the best around, can't take xeon 5xxx but some 3xxx could work! if it's your cup of tea, dig for that.

  • 64 months ago
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This build sold in 2 weeks for 150$ CAD

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  • 30 months ago
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After selling my gaming computer I currently use a Phenom II X3 while I get ready my Celeron rig (intel 7th gen, not 8th). And I'm preparing a bunch of computers with Phenom II as well.