I built this PC because my i5 2014 Lenovo just wasn't cutting it for running sample libraries and plugins. There were a lot of reasonably priced red and black components and I like the Cards. I saw the Warhawk RAM and the Auros Mobo and boom. Everything worked pretty smoothly, had to work a little with my RAM in the BIOS to get it up to 3400Mhz. The 860 EVO came out of the Lenovo and the RX 570 was used off of EBAY (otherwise I would have just gone with a fanless video card). LED hookup was a little weird at the headers because of the 5pin Gigabyte style where I had to push one pin off to the side. Placement of the USB 3 Header on the Mobo didn't line up well in the Lian Li Case and sticks out, but most other wiring was pretty easy. I had no idea how to assemble a computer 2 months ago, but I had a technical background so it wasn't too bad. I got lucky that everything worked out of the box. So happy to have M.2. The combo of the Sabrent for my OS/DAW/Plugins and my 860 for the rest of my sample libraries is a perfect pair so far.

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Yey! Another music production boi! Should be more of us...