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First Time - AMD Budget Build <3

by Gooderson



CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

32.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

50.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate



So I've had this build for a bit now. I don't want to go back over most the part selection, but will briefly recap. The build is for general use / and specific light gaming (Starcraft, Hearthstone). It maxes out SC II on extreme settings. I run the game on low settings for competitive use.

Power supply has been kind of iffy -- there is very low level coil whine during stress tests.

The cooler is fine, although I guess it is conventional wisdom that the H60 loses out to a lot of air coolers. It's fine for what it is, and has allowed me to overclock safely up to 4.6ghz and 1.47 volts on this motherboard. Love the mobo, VRM does not get too hot, nice BIOS.

Love the cpu, easy to overclock, great price.

Some learning curve stuff:

New Parts: Since the original build, I've swapped in Sniper 1600mhz low voltage in place of Ripjaw 1333mhz. It actually made my system slightly worse in bechmarks, so I guess technically I should swap the Ripjaws back in, but there is barely any difference and it isn't worth the effort. The other RAM will go into next system build.

I have tried to improve my cable management, and I applied after market thermal paste. This... actually made things worse. I must have done a ****** job applying the paste, or maybe it's hotter today. I don't know. Something to keep working on.

On the brightside, I like the monitor and keyboard. I am adding a new photo to show my set up.

Overall I love it and it's been a joy to build a computer and look forward to never buying a premade system again! :)

Update: After playing around with the RAM a bit, my mobo was underclocking the timings below stock. I have now overclocked the ram a bit to 8-8-8-24 @ 1.50v, and it slightly beat the benchmarks for the RipjawX 1333mhz 2x4GB.

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matifls 1 Build 4 points 46 months ago

Damn, you need to redo your cable managment. You will definitely get low ratings just for that. Other than that; great balanced $600 system! really good one! How'd you get that 7770 for $70 though?

Gooderson submitter 2 Builds 3 points 46 months ago

Thanks. I know it's bad I don't know what happened... I tried routing everything in the most logical direction, but it just kept getting more and more messy.

The 7770 is from newegg 99.99 + 30.00 rebate.

I will try and find a few hours to completely re-do the cables in a pre-planned manner. In the meantime, I will accept any downvotes like the silly noob I am ;-).

ESPM400 1 Build 2 points 46 months ago

YouTube has a bunch of vids to help you if you need ideas. Sometimes what seems like the most logical route for your cables isn't the one that works the best. For example, routing an extra long fan cable out to the back, tying it back there and then routing it back through the same hole, just to keep it out of sight.

Gooderson submitter 2 Builds 1 point 46 months ago

I guess I just assumed it was as easy a cable through the back here, a cable through the back there... presto! Now I'm not like those silly messy computer builds I see!

Then I did it.. and looked at it... and I was one of those messy computer builders, haha.

Thanks for the tips!

ESPM400 1 Build 2 points 46 months ago

Hey, at least you're putting some effort into it, which is more than can be said for most of those 'messy computer builders.' I'll only downvote if the build reeks of laziness.

criv 1 Build 1 point 46 months ago

with a modular PSU yet! holy crap. i wish my cx600 was modular :(

[comment deleted]
pirate694 1 Build 3 points 46 months ago

I think its funny how people get worked up by cable management or silly things like that. You have them more or less tucked away which is good. Case is not see through so whats the point anyway? Granted you can say it restricts airflow but amount of fans in that machine having few loose cables wont matter. Good build!!

Gooderson submitter 2 Builds 0 points 46 months ago

Thanks! :)

sqielyr 0 points 46 months ago

well said sir, well said.

Eco212 1 Build 3 points 44 months ago

Good build! Personally, I would have downgraded on cooling a bit and grabbed an Asus 7770 2GB, but nice work!

Camboy05 2 points 46 months ago

I am thinking about getting this processor with a GTX 650 Ti Boost. Does it pay to watercool the CPU?

Jozmtr 1 point 45 months ago

Don't get the GTX 650. HD 7770 is superior.

Gooderson submitter 2 Builds 0 points 46 months ago

I am no expert, so I can only give you my limited results. With 4 fans and the liquid cooler, my temps were generally between 35 and 45 C. 41 C was the most common temp while gaming Starcraft II for several hours with short breaks between games.

When I overclocked, my temps still got too high at 4.0 ghz, even with the liquid cooler. Then again, i have messy cables and I'm new to overclocking so I'm not sure if I had it on ideal settings.

After adding fans, my temps are now 27 to 39. I'll try and remember to give you more info as it comes along. Someone else could probably give a better comparison between a liquid cooler of this level and an after-market air cooler, but I don't know. Good luck!

DieselRunner 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

I have just ordered this motherboard and cooler and realized I'm not sure how to enable a constant 12volts to the CPU header for the water pump in this bios. So it would be awesome if you could explain how.

ESPM400 1 Build 0 points 46 months ago

Although I can't speak for AMD CPUs, closed loop systems are mainly for those who intend to overclock fairly heavily. With the i5 4670K for example (my current CPU), I've got it running at 4.5GHz @ 1.25V constant (BF4 and AC4 kept crashing in 'adaptive' mode). My temps maxed at ~67*C on a 18 hour run of Prime95. IIRC with a CM Hyper 212 EVO, you'd hit those temps at ~4.2GHz (I could be off on that).

One more thing; unless you're building a SFF m-ITX build, don't get a 120mm liquid cooler, as they don't out perform the much cheaper air units significantly enough to justify their much higher price. Either get a full sized (i.e. Corsair H100i or CM Seidon 240M) or something like the NZXT Kraken X40, which has a 140mm radiator and performs very closely to the full-sized units. If you only want mild OCs stick with an air cooler, and if you don't plan on OCing at all, the stock cooler that comes with your CPU will do fine, although the extra $30 put to an air unit would still be worth it.

Camboy05 1 point 45 months ago

Well I wont be doing any OCing, (I dont think) I just thought of getting the Corsair H60 because it looks nice and some people say it works good.

[comment deleted]
archieyoxall 1 point 41 months ago

Nice build man! I am hoping to build one like this soon. It would look better if you managed your cables better but I like it!

spongebob123 1 point 41 months ago

hows the keyboard? (rosewill)

EcoMCG 1 Build 1 point 40 months ago

Please tell me more about the keyboard. How is it for you? Still good? Still working very well?

TheOfficialSkora 1 Build 1 point 36 months ago

How's that keyboard?

Gooderson submitter 2 Builds 1 point 35 months ago

Sorry i havent checked this site in a while

KEyboard is okay for the price. I put it through heavy RTS gaming usage and have had some buttons start to fail but if i take the button off and put it back on it gets better. So...

overall might reccomend spending like 40 more for a better keyboard that will last longer

TheOfficialSkora 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

Good to know.