To start off i wanna say thank you to my uncle Jay for purchasing my GPU and 1TB SSD to kick start this whole Pc switch for me. i had never imagined ever switching from console to pc let alone had ever thought about building one from scratch...until my best friend talked me into embarking on this never ending road of Pc building (pockets now have a whole burnt in them permanently lol) after about 6 months of part purchasing and Pc knowledge collecting, it was time to put this beast together, with the help of a buddy who custom painted my NZXT kraken X62 and 2 of my uncles i was able to successfully build this thing w/ only a few minor lack of LED strips knowledge and installation ability ended in a fried LED strip (if they are 5v strips, do not plug them into the 12v header LMFAO) The thing runs amazingly, and i couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. I use it to game (Fortnite) mainly and a few other titles. with a little browsing here and there. total overkill for what i use it for, but i figured why not save up a get the best stuff to start out wit that way i dont have to upgrade until further down the road. will attach a few photos.

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