Hi all! I built this PC for gaming and editing purposes and all seems to have turned out nicely. My budget was exactly £1500, so the total price was pretty darn lucky. It took me a while but I managed to gather most of the parts cheaper by ordering each one the cheapest I could find online (via eBay, pretty much). Also, I managed to gather the parts just before the ridiculous price increases (lucky, I know).

This build is based around a black and red theme which I tried to stick to as much as possible through the parts. It runs like an absolute beast, and the help of a 144hz monitor makes every movement seem so smooth. I struggled to choose between a 60hz 1440p monitor or a 144hz 1080p monitor, and I must say I've never been happier with my decision. The PC isn't very loud either.

The NVIDIA GTX 1070 is brilliant - it's so massive and heavy that it is literally sagging on the motherboard. I can run games on max settings with ease, such as CS:GO (~300fps) and GTA V (~100fps).

The only problems I came across was a random "CPU Fan speed error detected" on startup, which can easily be ignored in the BIOS. Even still, I don't quite get it; I attached the CPU fan to this slot in the image:

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  • 22 months ago
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1500? bruh that like $2,600 AUD

  • 17 months ago
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Ahh how the prices have changed since then...

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  • 42 months ago
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Haha the £1.50 contributed greatly to its electricity bills :D Thanks mate!

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