I built this PC specifically for use for ArcGIS Desktop not gaming. Based on the benchmarks of the components compared to another PC that I use with ArcGIS Desktop this PC should work very well but I will update this once I have had a change to use it.

The only problem I had on the assembly is the power supply connections to the motherboard were not as obvious as I expected on how to connect. I eventually figured out which was the correct one to plug in but would have enjoyed better PSU instructions.

Note that in addition to the Samsung 500GB SSD in which Windows 10 and the ArcGIS software is installed I also installed two 2 TB Western Digital hard drives that I already had on hand. One for data and one to use as a backup destination.

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  • 48 months ago
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I don't understand how you can't get the 8 pin EPS power fully in. These connectors should be universal and should always fit... Also the GPU power doesn't go in the CPU power and so on because yeah pin housing has a different shape. I'd say try the CPU power connector again. It should be the one that come out the PSU with the 24 pin MB power

  • 48 months ago
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After double checking both 2x4 connectors fit with no problem. Thank you.

  • 48 months ago
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No problem :) But as I said, it did seem a little strange, but I know that some PSU's and Boards are a challenge to get the connectors in

  • 47 months ago
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how good is this 4k moniter??

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