Finally decided to build a machine for web development at home. It's primary use will be for running Photoshop, Illustrator, FTP, and a myriad of browsers and other web development tools.

CPU: Almost went for an i7, but decided it would be overkill for what I'd be using it for. It overclocked well to 4.6GHz with 1.28v, but I tuned it down to 4.5GHz at 1.25v for better temps.

CPU Cooler: Was skeptical if this would be enough cooling power for a good overclock, but even when I had the CPU at 4.6GHz it stayed below 75 when being punished by Prime95!

Motherboard: Got a deal I couldn't turn down. Was initially aiming for the ASRock Extreme4, mostly for the blue theme, but besides the looks I couldn't be more happy with how well this mobo performs.

Memory: Activated XMP profile on mobo and these have been timed and perform as expected. It's RAM so what else is there to say. =P

Storage: Fastest SSD I've owned. OS, programs and games load amazingly fast. HDD space is more than enough and also quite fast compared to past machines.

Video Card: Another decent deal I couldn't refuse. I didn't want to invest too much in a GPU since finding out about Pascal and was even going to live on the integrated Intel graphics, but gaming and some tasks in Illustrator and Photoshop were killing me. Glad I jumped on the deal.

Edit - Without touching the voltage I've managed to get a stable 1350mhz core overclock, often running at 1527mhz during boost. Also, added 800mhz to the memory clock as well.

Case: Not the lowest price I've seen for these, but I ordered it from NZXT the week they were introduced and couldn't be happier with the aesthetics. Just had to move the top fan to the front intake and it stays pretty cool. +1 for minimalist design but -1 for cheap plastic window.

Edit - I've since added a Noctua NF-F12 on the intake as well to help pull more fresh air through the front filter.

Power Supply: Nothing fancy, but enough power to overclock this energy efficient rig. Thanks to the case I'm able to manage the wires nice enough since this PSU isn't modular.

In the end, I'm blown away at my build's performance compared to every PC/Mac I've ever owned. I'm quite the happy camper at work in my Basecamp.


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You should pick up some blue extensions and blue led fans for the front as an intake, good job repositioning the top exhaust for intake, it's surprising how many people don't do that. +1

  • 35 months ago
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8 months later, but I took your advice and got some blue extensions! Also, instead of led fans I picked up a RGB led setup. I'll post some new pics soon.

Thanks for the tips!

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wow cool. yeah you definitely have to show that off with some new pics.

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