After 5 years of using my gaming laptop for well gaming and general use and with the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 and Bloodlines 2 I decided it was time for an upgrade.

Huge perfomance gains from my old I7 6700HQ, 8GB of ram and GTX 970M 6GB.

Overall I am very pleased with it.

My monitor is not on the list but it is the new AOC Q27G2U/BK 27inch , Curved MOnitor. 1440p , 144hz , 1ms.

Part Reviews


Outstanding perfomance from AMD. 270£ I paid for 8 cores and 16 threads. RUns very cool with stock cooler which has really nice RGB and runs very quiet.


Motherboard is nice and has everything that I need. Word of warning for future buyers though. It was screwed really tight and I coudn't unscrew my top Heatshield so I hired a professional to complete my PC assembly.


Fast and cheap I cannot complain.


Cheap very fast and has more than enough space for my windows and programs.


Words do not describe how fast this thing is. HUGE speed gains from my old laptop ssd and hdd.

Video Card

I really underestimated the size of this thing haha. Runs really well and has a nice RGB as well. I've not played too many games with it yet but I had no problems with it so far. It ran Shadow of the Tomb Raider maxed out on 1440p with over 70fps up to over 110 depending on the ingame location.


Small, Good looking and has everything I need. A bit pricey though.

Power Supply

Outstanding. Does the job really well and no problems so far.

Operating System

Eh, its works.


Easily the best keyboard I have ever owned. Strong keys, really nice color and shines in the dark. Very responsive and no complaints. I got it really cheap on sale ages ago.


Much like the keyboard I got it really cheap on sale and its also the best gaming mouse I have used to date. It also shines in the dark. Has loads of buttons if you need them and comes with extras that you can change as you will.

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