I built my first system 3 years ago. This second attempt was much better thought out and I was able to afford to do a little more with it this time. I decided to go full RGB just for fun. The ram was the first pick and it snowballed from there. You'll see the pictures of the build completed version 1. Then I sat and looked at it for a week and decided I couldn't handle it and I had to replace the back fan (120mm switched to 140mm), and add the RGB light strips. I used all Corsair for the fans and lights and I'm extremely happy with how they've turned out. Originally I was going to use a CM V8 cpu cooler but when it arrived I immediately realized it was going to be way to big and not match the build at all. That cooler alone would have made it pointless to spend the extra money on a glass panel case and rgb fans. I decided to go with the i7 9700K because I just don't need the 9900K. I don't edit or stream and this is a recreational use build so no need to spend the extra $150-200. Not to mention I got an easy 5.0mhz out of the 9700K.

The duplicate photos are showing the changes I had to make to complete the build. The H115i RBG Platinum was very simple to install and worked out great. I did have to remove the receptacle for an optical drive on the top front of the case. I also had to remove the panel above the hard drive slots in the case to allow the AIO radiator to fit properly with my push/pull design. I could have put the AIO above the cpu but I would't have been able to use push/pull. I removed both stock 140mm case fans and replaced them with Corsair LL140mm RGB fans. I did have to order the 3.5" hard drive rack after the fact so I could keep one high capacity storage drive in the system. I was very happy with the 4 easy access positions for SSDs in the case but I did't want to spend the money on a 2.5" SSD over 1TB. The 4 140mm fans on the push/pull located on the front of the case are pulling air in, and the 3 LL140/120mm fans on the back and top of the case are pushing air out of the case.

The entire rig is very quiet and the light are vibrant. The glass panel on the case is perfectly clear and clean cut.

My resting GPU temp sits around 48c and under load 68-71c. (AIO on Balanced at rest - Extreme under load)

My resting CPU temp sits around 30c and under load 60c.

I did not need a case fan hub or splitter. I maxed out the motherboard with the 5 Corsair LL fans and the two fans on the radiator run through the AIO.

I'm overclocked to 5.0mhz on the cpu and 1995mhz on the gpu and running stable. Tested Heaven and Valley benchmark for 4 hours without any drops or high temps. Tested CPU stress test with Intel Extreme for 6 hours, never going higher the 65c with Icue AIO set to extreme performance.

The Gaming X 1080 is over a year old and moved over from my first build, as well as most of the peripherals. I absolutely didn't see any reason to spend $1,000-1,600 more on a 2080 or 2080ti just to get a few more frames. I'm able to run every game I play over 60fps without any trouble. Also, the 3000 series cards are a long way out and I'd rather wait and spend the money there on a real upgrade from my 8gig 1080.

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Hows the 1440p gaming with this setup, and is the cpu ok with hyperthreading?