everything works well cables are awkward. built pc to replace laptop. side panel gets scuffed easily. bought deep cool 5 in 1 fan pack.

Part Reviews


very good for price at the time of purchase until 3rd gen ryzen arrived preforms well and can handle mid tier gaming.


Very good matx motherboard but i wish i got itx. does well but bios mouse movement is a bit clunky and fan control is alright, has all the features including 5v addressable rgb i want but if you want to add more than 2 additional fans you have to get a fan splitter/hub.


good price per speed and amount of ram, very tall heat spreaders though.


good amount of storage for the price but i think it might have crashed and died temporarily once and had to reinstall windows.

Video Card

good video card for the price but there is a noticeable coil whine when not listening to anything while in a game, the coil whine is noticeable but not very annoying and can be drowned out by listening to music or having closed back headsets with leather ear cups.


good case not enough cable tie spots in my opinion and doesn't have a psu shroud does include 2 white fans that are very quiet and includes an additional ssd mount in the back. cable managing not the best.

Power Supply

psu works for the price and is quiet enough to be drowned out by closed back headsets or by listening to anything.

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