this was my very first gaming pc, and also my very first build. i knew very little about computers when i started this build. i wanted something that would perform well, without sacrificing aesthetics. it took me about a year to gather all of the parts, because i waited for things to go on sale, or good deals to pop up on ebay. i am very pleased with the performance, even without overclocking. it runs any game on max settings on the 1440p 144hz monitor with ease. 100+ framerates on just about anything

i did modify the stock thermaltake gpu and coolant reservoir brackets, because they were big and bulky for no reason. i basically just cut the excess metal off to make them as small as possible without losing functionality.

i also did not use the thermaltake power supply bracket at all. instead, the SFX power supply fit perfectly inside of the thermaltake reservoir mount!! for the reservoir, i used the heatkiller fan mounts (sold separately) and an angle bracket.

i will update with better pics soon!

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