***Computer is now finished and running fine. More pictures will be uploaded soon!!

Yes i know its called The Flash and its not red there is a reason for that. Ever since i was little i was called "Flash" because every time i was asked to do something or go somewhere i would always do it very quickly and surprise everyone with it. And ever since then the name "Flash" has stuck with me and probably will for the rest of my life!

Annnywayyyy......this is my 2nd customer pc build ive done. My first was just a general purpose PC and has been running strong for about 5 years now but i thought its time to upgrade. My old PC was an AMD Athlon II X4 with 4GB of DDR3 Gskill RAM and a Nvidia Geforce GT630 1GB DDR3 graphics card.

As of writing this description the PC is still in the building process as im waiting for my RAM to be delivery but the delivery company and lost my order so waiting for that. My plan was to build something that wasn't too expensive but was still quite powerful and thats why i picked the Intel i5. Motherboard was an easy choice with the Z97 Pro Gamer, does everything i wanted it for and was a decent price. 16GB of Kingston Hyperx BEAST RAM will be more than enough for the PC! And the EVGA GTX750ti SC was a good choice and its a small form factor card and packs quite a punch!

More picture will be added as i finish off building the PC but i have some from the building stage!

Any feedback is appriciated and any tips or hints you guys have im more than happy to take. Thanks for looking :)

Part Reviews


Wanted something fairly powerful but that didnt break the bank. Runs fast, cool and does everything i want it to without complaining!

CPU Cooler

Had this fan for about 2 years now. Was originally in my old pc and is now in this one and runs cool and quiet!


My original choice was the Asus Z97-P but at the last minute i changed to the Pro Gamer and was not disappointed. Runs perfectly fine, looks nice my case and is easy to overclock everything in the BIOS. Plenty of inputs (3 case fans & 6 sata ports)


Simple choice really. Fast, easily overclock, looks mean and was reasonably priced at the time of purchase. I wanted something that performed well and looked nice with the black and red of the motherboard.


Bought purely to installed Windows on. Took awhile to clone my original HDD but once it gets going its very quick. I can now boot into Windows and be up and running in less that 20 seconds. Would highly recommend one of these or any other SSD for running Windows.


Didn't actually buy this its out of my old pc and is used just for storage for files & programs. Been running fine for over 3 years and is a good all round HDD.

Video Card

This was probably the hardest part to pick of the build. I wanted something that was powerful enough to run games at 1080 60FPS and could help with rendering videos in Sony Vegas. The GTX750ti was a good choice but if i had abit more money i would of picked the 760. The card runs flawlessly and can handle anything i throw at it.


Plain choice and nice to work with. Plenty of space for cooling but could do with a few more places for cable management but everything can be tucked away out the way nicely. fits my Coolermaster heatsink and fan with plenty of room to spare.

Power Supply

Good all round power supply. Runs quiet and cool and the modular cables are a big help in the case i have as there are no unnecessary cables in the way. Would of been nicer if all the cables were braided but thats something i can live with.

Operating System

Windows 7 over Windows 8. Simple

Case Fan

Fans out of my old build which are now fitted in the front of the new case for air intake. Runs nice and quiet and can chance the speed with Asus Fan xpert even though the fans are only 3 pin headers.


Nice mechanical gaming keyboard. I picked the tournament edition of this keyboard purely because i never use the numpad and fits alot nicer on my desk.


Got this on sale and is a good all round mouse. DPI goes all the way up to 8200 and is rather comfortable in the hand. Has a nice matt finished to it with the RGB logo on the mouse which adds a nice look at night.


  • 50 months ago
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Great stuff Flash! How did you like the Case? I'm thinking of doing a build in it...

  • 50 months ago
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Thanks mate! The case is very nice to work in, plenty of room, loads of room for cooling and cable management and would highly recommend it :)

  • 50 months ago
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Surprised what u could do with 1000$... :) How's the SSD doing? How fast is boot up? Does the MB aupport DDR4? If yes is it worth it? Sry just want a good bang for the buck gaming eig very bad

  • 50 months ago
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The motherboard is only DDR3 but runs perfectly fine with the RAM i fitted and can easily overclock it. The SSD runs amazingly well and windows boots in honestly about 15 seconds or less. Id definitely recommend an SSD for installing Windows on.

Thanks for looking :)

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Oh nice... Just wanna ask you to help me in a build here Thanks. Btw I +1 your build already. :)