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First build!

by ze4501



CPU Clock Rate


GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate



Built this computer on a budget to play WoW.

It is a beast so far for what I put into it!

I spent a little less because I work at best buy so the price was different for me.

I would appreciate some feedback on this build!

First build btw!

Also the graphics card was just something I had lying around! Gonna buy a new graphics card and power supply when I get the money!

Thanks guys!

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Stoopid 1 point 55 months ago

Fine for mild gaming. It is a good idea to get a new graphics card and a ssd as soon as you get the savings for it. You should also tuck those cables away, if possible.

ammw999 1 Build 1 point 55 months ago

Correct me if im wrong but you paid 46$ for a standard cd-dvd drive??????

Spirafall 1 Build 6 points 55 months ago

I'm thinking he's likely just listing the model he had and it was definitely not $47. If he really did pay $47 for it, he should deny it. DENY IT ALL.

Divdor 1 Build 1 point 55 months ago

Need a little better cable management. Improved airflow equals a cooler happy pc. Zip ties will be your friend here.

As Stoopid mentioned, it should be fine for light gaming. May want to improve the video card if you get into anything graphic intensive.

As you upgrade over the years, keep an eye on your wattage to. A 450w PSU is fine for what you have now, but if your pc gets more power hungry with new components, you may need to upgrade.

SSDs are fun, but you may want to sink some money into a FX processor.

Syndicate 1 point 55 months ago

Great build, I have the same case but I had to do some serious cable management with mine since the there is not top 4/8 pin cable hole for the cable to go through. Overall great build man.

ze4501 submitter 1 Build 1 point 55 months ago

THanks guys really appreciate it! I def will be upgrading as I get the cash! Also I didnt spend that much on the dvd drive. The total came out to $380 for the whole build! Because of my discounts via bestbuy! Cable management is kinda crappy on this case but I will try a little harder. Thanks again guys!

Fastmaster7 1 point 55 months ago

Awesome but could have got a more reputable PSU brand (XFX, SeaSonic, Antec) for similar prices

Quintana 1 point 55 months ago

If I were you I would go the route of either a HD 7770, GTX 650 Ti, or HD 7850 (1GB Model) anything more than that would be overkill for what you want to do. That said I wouldn't even touch the PSU personally, it's going to be more than enough to power any of the GPU's I listed.

jacwa1001405 1 point 42 months ago

How is the motherboard?

jakethemp 1 Build 0 points 55 months ago

you should have went with a 100$ price range graphics card.. I used to play wow maxed out on a 6670. granted it would have run you a little more on the price. around 50$ more

SeabassVar 4 points 55 months ago

he's just using it for wow not crisis 3

jakethemp 1 Build 1 point 55 months ago

im just saying my game exp def increased when I got a better card.

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RazzyFrazz 2 points 55 months ago

Wut? The GPU wasn't paid for with this build, there was basically an employee discount for some parts. I'm going to guess around $350-$400 was actually spent on this build. Which is to pretty fantastic, seeing as the GT 430 is still a decent card, especially for WoW. The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is a $47 CD/DVD Drive, when there are great ones for ~$20. Other than that, this build is perfectly fine for the money actually spent.

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