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Sleeper Upgrade 2018

by scwee


This is my second ever build, my first one being here - https://pcpartpicker.com/b/4vfH99

After I finished my schooling mentioned in that build, I got a nice job doing tech support for a local company, so after I got my holiday check I started buying.

The CPU was an easy choice, it has 4 cores, which is all I need, I play Overwatch and a few other AAA games and watch Netflix, no need for anything more than the 1200.

The motherboard was cheap, that's why I got it.

The ram was the cheapest 8GB I could find at the time, I am more than likely going to buy a 16 gig stick next month after I finish paying off some other adult type bills and stuff.

The GPU well, was all I could find in the price range I had, its probably one of the worst times to build a pc atm unless you can just go all out, the local store I buy from only had 4 1050ti's left and everything else was either 1070 and 1080 that they had for all close to 600 dollars, way out of my comfort zone as far as budget is concerned. Its a good card, 4GB is more than good enough for my use case.

The case is amazing, its sturdy, but not too heavy, has great room for cable management, and has a PSU basement which was a must for me because my psu has so many unneeded cables I need to hide them from sight, I watched reviews from LTT, HardwareCanucks and Jayz and that made my mind up.

The PSU/Headset were both things I already had. I got the mechanical keyboard on a whim because it was cheap enough, I really like it, its 10 keyless which I love and its very heavy and has no flex, its good so far. The mouse was on sale on Bethesda's website for 18 dollars, so of course I got it, its really comfortable IMO plus I am a huge Fallout fan, I also got a Steel Series Nuka Cola mouse pad for 7 bucks its beautiful. The monitor was 50 bucks used local, so easy choice.

My storage choice is temporary, my 6 year old 1tb Seagate Baracuda drive failed on me one day so I got the cheapest 1tb drive I could that still had good performance , its faster than my old one but I am going to get an SSD for a boot drive and use the 1TB for game storage.

I did not pay for windows, I got it from my job for free, but its a legit key, they buy computers directly from DELL, so we get bulk codes or something like that.

The prices DO NOT reflect what I paid for all this.


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Fishboy9449 8 Builds 1 point 14 months ago

I personally would have went b350 for the overclocking potential, but otherwise the build looks good.

OT: Sleeper build ---> NZXT s340 ;) Super nice case

EDIT: Ketchup and mustard :3

scwee submitter 2 Builds 1 point 14 months ago

appreciate it, the only reason I didn't go b350 is because I have 0 interest in overclocking. haha and yeah my local shop sells sleeved cable extensions so I might pick some up.

Fishboy9449 8 Builds 1 point 14 months ago

Not a bad idea on those cable extensions. Also thats not a problem as long as you're getting the performance you intended on receiving!

MightyAlFred 3 Builds 1 point 14 months ago

Pretty good budget build. Did you see a noticeable improvement coming from that old i5? I would suspect it doesn't fall behind the ryzen chip a lot, both at stock speed, but I might be wrong, and surely the newer platform has its advantages.

scwee submitter 2 Builds 1 point 14 months ago

Maybe its the new chip or maybe its just new parts but my old build was showing its age, it blue screened once a day, it no longer would properly wake up from sleep, sometimes it would take 5+ minutes to boot, sometimes it would just freeze for minutes at a time.

But to actually answer your question, when the i5 was new, no I don't really notice a difference, but again I play overwatch and watch youtube videos so I'm not putting much stress on the chip. It was just time for new parts.