This build wasn't actually built from scratch. Back in late 2014, I saw an ad for the digital storm vanquish II. I've always wanted a gaming pc, and I never knew that I could build one, so I bought the level 4 edition. At the time, it had a gtx 760 in it, but I upgraded it to a 970 SSC from nvidia. I am also planning on upgrading to skylake soon to prepare for VR, so there's that. And also as a quick review for this PC when it wasn't upgraded and when it was late 2014, this PC was amazing for the games that I played at the time. I don't remember playing any graphically intesive games except skyrim, which was heavily modded to look it's best. At one pointl, I was playing skyrim, and saw purple textures. I did some research, and found out that I ran out of Vram. That is how I got the GTX 970.


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Oh god that case +9999999999