My very first self built system, purchased & assembled March/April, 2013, after many questions asked & suggestions on this site. I had to RMA the original EVGA 670 FTW GPU, for some reason it bit the curb about a month in. No sooner got it back together & was deployed. Here it is still with less than a 200 hours. Yes that is a crack in the upper drive bay door, kids, baseballs, enough said.

Use it for gaming mostly, Skyrim, ESO Beta, Age Of Empires (Steam). Video editing too, so I did the 16 gig of RAM, mainly because it was cheap & within my budget at the time. I'd like to clean up the cabling a bit, I did it all myself and it shows in one or two places. I've not done any load tests, I'm a definitely a noob there. I can easily read the idle info with EVGA Precision X, but when under load I've not figured how how to monitor it, nor does it look like there is any method to load test it via that program?

I've done no tinkering with any clocking either, I bought the unlocked CPU because I will at some point. My monitor is a spare Westinghouse UW32SC1W LED HDTV 32"... it does not like 1920 X 1080 resolution, so it's set at 1366 X 768 and with no options for input naming , I would not recommend it, but it will have to do for now. It is an outstanding TV though. I'm looking for a monitor of similar size, but they are expensive so I'll likely find a TV with input naming, name one HDMI input "PC" and leave it at that.

Feel free to comment, offer suggestions, ask questions, request additional photos, thanks!


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