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I had no particular problems with this build although I took quite a while trying to figure several things out. I also wasn't sure if the Noctua NH-D14 would work with an LGA1151 socket. By the time I realized it would, I had already decided that I might be happier with an NH-D15 which I hadn't considered previously. I will talk more about my build, especially the problems I came up against that I had to do considerable research before I was confident that I would be able to proceed. Here is the list of problems which I will expand upon at a later date:

  • I was unsure how to connect the Define R5 case fans. There is a blue power connector coming from the top left side of the Case in the cable management section. I connected a SATA power cable from my PSU to this connector.
  • I was unsure about the best method of spreading thermal paste on the CPU. I put a piece of transparent tape on my finger and spread with that. It worked well!
  • I was unsure whether to install the CPU fan before or after installing the motherboard in the case. I installed the CPU cooler afterwards which was a good decision. I am also very happy that I decided to get the NH-D15. It has cutouts for RAM and I thin it seems a little easier to install over all.

I will be adding additional information here on my blog.


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