My second and technically third build (built 2 of these, one for a friend). This is a high performance general purpose PC, built for a family relative. This build went together much quicker than I expected. Only took about roughly 9 hours this time around, but with a few hours spent double checking cable management, also I was pretty tired at the time, so it actually could of been a lot quicker if I started earlier in the day. Cable management for this PC actually seemed to be a bit easier in the case with the slightly smaller motherboard and more grommets available, but mainly because this was my third time around, so I was quite a bit more experienced at it already. The only real minor problem I experienced was having to lift up and re-seat the Hyper 212 EVO a few times after I applied the thermal paste, because I had to fuss with the clip a bit, since it only goes on in one specific orientation depending on your mobo/CPU's platform, and it was kind of annoying to get it out and in again after examining it, since it was in tight corridors already. Overall the case though looks much nicer, and hell of a lot more organized.


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