I watch a lot of movies and do a decent amount of gaming, so I wanted a quality PC that would allow me to play games on high/ultra while also allowing for upgradeability.

This was my first ever build. I did 100% of it all on my own - researching, selecting parts, confirming compatibility, finding the right prices, ordering & finally putting it all together.

I have since overclocked the CPU from 3.4 GHz to 4.2 GHz. It runs nicely, idling at about 45° C. It usually lingers around 60° C during gaming.

I've had some issues overclocking the GPU, but I think some updated drivers have done the trick in remedying those problems. I haven't settled on a certain clock speed, but for now I've overclocked from 860 MHz to 1000 MHz and pushed the GPU memory clock from 1200 to 1350. I'm pretty sure I can go further and I'm looking forward to pushing it to it's limits.

UPDATE (5/1): I'm at about the 3 year mark from assembly and in general, I'm pretty happy with the computers performance. I'm running GTA V at pretty good settings, the overclocks have certainly paid off.

  • I'm currently thinking of either upgrading this PC or starting new and bringing some parts over. I'd definitely like to upgrade the GPU, as I expected I'd have to do eventually. I'm probably going to have to upgrade the PSU as well. This was not something I had anticipated while planning for upgradability. This time around I'll probably go with a 700w-750w PSU with a higher rating.
  • After those two, I'd like to buy a different case and go with a mid-tower as opposed to the full tower. Provided I can find a case that can house my several hard drives as well as provide decent ports in the front/top. My current case, while nice and large for easy access, can be a hassle to move because of its size. It also has many ridges, which collect dust. I'd like to go with a sleeker look.
  • Lower on my priorities list is upgrading the CPU. GTA V is the first thing I've ran on the computer that really tested the CPU's limits. I'd probably consider a higher-tiered i5 or more likely an i7.

As I said, I'm pretty happy with how well my first build has aged. It still runs great and I really have never had any major problems with it.

Another thought: If I were to start all over, I would probably try to color-match parts and buy some cable sleeving. I might even try to color match peripherals like keyboards/mice.

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  • 62 months ago
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looks like a solid build, wise choice going with the G.Skill memory