This is my first PC build, so bear with me as I try to describe the situation that lead to building a PC. (Sorry for the cluttered pics; I rent a shoebox room and it tends to overflow with little stuff that makes it hard to keep a sleek ~°aesthetic•~ uwu)

Background: I'm a vanilla 60fps 1080p kinda person and don't need much beyond that. Really I just wanted an upgrade from a 4 year old lenovo laptop that was showing its age. It did a good job for the freelance design work I do but the load times and inability to run multiple adobe apps without crashing made it a drag to use. For gaming, it ran my go-to (Sims 4) at a good 50fps on high settings but when I wanted to screen record, OBS would crash and Camtasia made the framerate drop to 15fps, unless I lowered my settings.

I initially planned another build a year ago, but I got busy and moved. I sold my parts to start a smaller form factor build to fit my new living situation. The specs to run Sims aren't too high but Planet Zoo is new one I've been wanting to try, so I had that in mind too.

The plan: I buy/sell used and DIY items online so I felt comfortable buying most of the components used. My goal was to do a 60fps 1080 gaming/editing/streaming build for $500 or less. I'm surprised how well I did price wise (just over $300) but there were a few hiccups. Overall I'm very happy because it does what I need it to do flawlessly. Enjoy! (Sims 4, Planet Zoo, Stranded Deep, House Flipper, CSGO, Fortnite, Halo 4 played and recorded at 1080p 60-90fps on high and streamed 720p @8000kbps no stutter)

Part Reviews


I got this for Christmas (Hi mom) This guy rips through multi-tasking with multiple heavy-load applications. It was a little scary how hard I had to go in when securing the stock cooler, but it worked out fine.


Cute lil guy I highly recommend. Nothing crazy or special but the board is sturdy. Didn't feel fragile when hooking everything up. The guy I got this off of on eBay seemed really sad to let it go, and I can see why. Only thing is, the section holding the wi-fi antennas broke after normal use. But I also bought it used, so you probably won't have to worry abt that.


Bought off craigslist from some dude, initially thinking it was 2x8gb sticks. The sticker matched but oh well. This guy pulls his weight really well and I have no regrets.


I've never had an SSD before (and I was skeptical about buying this model that is typically not a builder's first choice, much less in used condition) but this drive is STUPID FAST. I'm used to getting other stuff done while my computer boots. I don't even get that chance anymore.


Another used ebay buy. He works! He's fast! I dont spend ages on loading screens.

Video Card

Another ebay buy but so so so good. Only thing is the fan bearing was worn, making for a loud scratchy fan. I'll be fixing that myself, but be aware it's common among these mini Zotac 1060s.


Initially wanted an NZXT H200 or Fractal Node 304, but no one was was selling them used locally. My first time in a local computer store they had one of these. Bought partly on impulse, but now I'm happy I did. This case stays so cool and even with the mesh cutouts, there's next to no noise even at full load.

Power Supply

From an old almost-build. Stayed in storage for a year. Chunky cables but works!

Case Fan

Perfect for my case! I wish there were more 80mm RGB fans though, my case could use that pop of color that these don't have.


Great LEDs, adhesive is decent but not great. Still usable and leaves a great result.

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