With enough youtube tutorials and twist ties I somehow was able to build a fully functioning PC (For Now). I built it last week and so far things are running smooth the only problems are that the rgb doesn't work with the cpu cooler and the rear case fan doesn't spin. Overall it's a struggle for a first timer with constant backtracking but overall I'm happy this went well.

Pros: Runs games like Borderlands 3 and Siege on High settings like a beast. The msi bios is simple and easy to use. The CPU cooler stays quiet and keeps temps low I payed at the time $70 for the ram 5 dollars extra from the non rgb version because why not. The gpu is amazing for it's value and runs games flawlessly and comes with 8gb of vram. The case is really good for cable management and comes with a psu shroud.

Cons: THINK TWICE BEFORE BUYING THIS CASE The looks of this case really decieved me and I clearly did not do enough research. The vertical SSD mount did not support my Samsung 860 so it's chilling with the bracket on in the HDD tray also the standoff mounts can be a pain in the *** I couldn't put the last standoff in so only 8 out of the 9 are in. The manual for the case isn't very friendly for first time users as well. Finally this case came with less usb headers than the NZXT H500 which is a dissapointment.

The Graphics card sags if I try to hide the PCiE cable any further down. I couldn't really bend the 24 pin plug in the motherboard like in most builds or I just got too scared to try and bend it that way.

Overall despite the ups and downs I had a pretty fun time making this build. The parts match the black and white theme besides the red rgb on the mobo.

P.S: I know the pictures are awful :)

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  • 2 months ago
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Awesome build!! I'm actually planning my first build right now and most of your parts are the same as the ones on my list. (everything besides the power supply, WiFi adapter, and peripherals)

I've been trying to do as much research as possible but I was wondering if you were able to connect the USB C header on the mobo to the front panel port of the case? I would like to utilize this somehow. What did you mean by you couldn't bend the 24 pin plug? And generally, is there anything that you would have wanted to know before you bought/built it? (anything you would do differently?)

Also also, did you figure out any of the issues you initially stated? Like the rear fan, standoff mounts, or RGB for the cooler?

  • 2 months ago
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I don't think the mobo supported the USB C header but I don't really need it. The 24 pin in most builds are not bent the way like I did mine the way most people do it is to make the build look cleaner which I didn't do. I wish I knew cable management a bit better but since I got a second hard drive not to long ago I took the opportunity to redo the standoffs and the cables as long with a replacement case fan for the one that was broken. I'm not really that much of a rgb fanatic myself so I didn't even bother with the cpu cooler.