Most of my parts are from micro center, so that's why my graphics card seems so cheap. I made this for mostly gaming and school (I'm cyber schooled). I never really had a good pc for gaming, and then one summer I went to a friend's house. He had built his own pc so that inspired me to do the same. I worked hours upon hours mowing lawns and other jobs, and eventually on December 28th, 2019, 5:30ish my work paid off. I worked with a neighbor who gave helpful insight along the way. When the time came we found that the cpu power wasn't going into its socket, all that we had to do was add a little more force and then CLICK the cable went into place. Finally, when we went to boot the system up we loaded windows onto it and then installed chrome, but when I opened chrome the system shut off. At first, it didn't worry me, but then it happened again when I closed chrome. We later found out that the power supply was not plugged in the whole way. I've had this for a week now (Happy 2020) and have not had any problems since.

Part Reviews


Good CPU for a sort of budget PC, 6-cores is just enough for my needs.

CPU Cooler

Pretty nice cooler. Keeps my cpu cool. The am4 bracket is a little loose and i was a little fearful that it might've come off.


RGB software is terrible, I would recommend this to anyone that wants a nice looking motherboard for a good price.


Not much to say, the speed is great and 16gb is the right amount for any gamer. RGB looks epic.


It's a nice option for an m.2, 1tb should be enough for what I'm gonna do on mt PC. Pretty good speed.

Video Card

I would recommend a gtx 1080, this card dosen't seemed to be capped, but when I uncapped it it stayed at 30fps on Minecraft. Now it's gotten a bit better at 60fps on Minecraft and over 200fps on Fortnite and rocket league. This doesn't make much sense.


Perfect case, it has everything that a budget PC needs.

Wired Network Adapter

My wifi is really slow, so i get why I have 400 ping some days and others 30.

Case Fan

I had a black and white theme so these went perfect, nice and quiet.


Idk if it was the motherboard or psu, but this thing seemed to not have the right cpu cable, it did fit but with more force than was comfortable.

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Man you know that cyber schooling, very GPU intensive.

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Nice price on the SSD I got mine for $82 on black friday

  • 1 month ago
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same, I got it at micro center

  • 1 day ago
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Did you had any freezing problems with that motherboard using that cpu? Since even I got same, but I get tons of problems, I almost regret upgrading my old system.