First of all..sorry for the bad pictures. I made the mistake of not taking pictures DURING the build. But I will be adding more soon! This build was for a little bit of everything. Gaming, multitasking, surfing and school/work. It is definitely a budget build, but I am very satisfied with its performance so far. I had it plugged into a standard acer 22" 1680x1050 monitor as well as a 55" 1080p LCD. Runs every game I've thrown at it on ULTRA and runs other video/audio/image editing software like a dream.


Some examples:

BF4: Ultra settings, everything maxed out. Runs flawlessly. FC3: Maxed out, runs flawlessly. Skyrim: No problem...

  • More to Come -

Have not benchmarked anything! Coming soon...

-UPDATE 9/7/15:

Running strong! Not a single problem with anything. Incredibly satisfied with the build. Currently playing Mad Max on ultra and loving it. Could use more SSD space. NZXT LED strip/3M tape has failed just like everyone says.


CPU: Wanted something for gaming and multitasking. Video editing, Photoshop, etc. Works great so far. FAST!

CPU Cooler: A pain to install like always, but working great...Pretty ugly, but whatevs.

Motherboard: My 3rd ASUS mobo. Doesn't like this case very much. Shield doesn't line up. Otherwise, great mobo. No other complaints. Looks great!

Memory: Great! And matches mobo...kinda..Looks great! OC'd @ 1866MHz.

Storage: My first build with an SSD and it's fantastic. Starts up super quick. The western digital will be great storage for the price. Kinda wish I got a bigger ssd...oh well.

Video Card: Absolutely blown away by this card. Runs everything on ultra without a single hiccup. I was not expecting it to do so well. Haven't benchmarked or anything yet...too busy gaming.

Case: Love it. I know it's an older case, but I love the design. Plenty of space and quality materials. NZXT goes out of their way to make it an easy install for ya. Side panels go on like butter. Front door is a little stiff but no biggy. A great investment on a case that will be around for the next few builds. Fan controller is awesome and easy to work with. Heavy.

Power Supply: Meh...kinda disappointed. The actual unit itself is great, but the cables...They are made out of the crappiest materials possible. What a pile of ****...Makes cable management incredibly frustrating. Upgrading down the road for sure.

Optical Drive: :D

Operating System: blah blah blah

Network Adapter: It is what it is...Has two long antennas that stick out the back that may or may get in the way of things. Pretty solid connection when I'm 3-4 walls deep away from hub.

Case Fans: These case fans match the case fans that COME with the case. I didn't know this at the time of purchase so it made for a nice surprise. They are cheap...kinda dinky..but work great. Pretty quiet on low settings and not at all obnoxious on high speed. They actually look pretty nice... The screws tap right into the plastic so be aware of that.

OVERALL: Really happy with this build. It is a budget build for sure, but actually handles everything really well. Everything is pretty easy to install if you know what you're doing.

Plans for the future: Better PSU for multiple GPUs and OC capabilities. Better CPU cooler. And..I don't know I'm pretty satisfied at this point.


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  • 64 months ago
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Great build! +1

  • 64 months ago
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  • 61 months ago
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where did you get the purple leds man looks amazing

  • 55 months ago
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I snagged a NZXT LED kit which I didn't put in the part list. They run about $20-40 depending on when/where you get it. Installation is super easy and adds a nice pop to your case.

  • 57 months ago
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+1 for fat tire.