THE TIME IS NOW! I built my last PC in the age of Intel's Devils Canyon with an i7-4790k which did an incredible job and is still running strong. However, over the past year I have been patiently waiting for new hardware to come out and planning my next build. I decided what better time to do it then on the mid summer black Friday known as Prime Day and other various sales by retailers like Newegg hence why I got such good deals.

To start, I couldn't pass up getting the new generation Ryzen, finally a decent win for team red even though I've been an Intel guy, I couldn't resist. Paired my 3700x with the feature filled x570 Asrock Taichi which looks absolutely incredible, I know there have been a lot of complaints over the placement of the chipset fan but that is not an issue for me as I'll explain soon and you can probably see. The metal shroud-heatsink that covers the bottom half of the board is great quality, mostly easy to take off and provides a lot of structural rigidity along with the back plate behind the MB. Onto the RAM and M.2 I got a great combo deal for them both for $100 and the M.2 was easy to install. My GPU is one heavy card and using my experience from my past build, I did not want to deal GPU sag for this build so I found the best case I could that would give me plenty of room inside and allow for a vertical GPU mount. This has allowed for my chipset fan to be uncovered and keeps stress off my PCI-E slot using the rise cable. I know the GPU will have restricted airflow technically having the fans close to the glass but under load my GPU temps have been below 45C. In the next few months I plan on getting a Gigabyte 2080 Super Waterforce watercooled GPU so that will take care of any temp. issues as well as look really good in the build. The case itself is spacious but HEAVY due to the tempered glass. Moved all my drives to the brackets behind the MB to give the build and overall cleaner look plus when I upgrade the GPU, the radiator is going where the drive cages used to be. Really like how modular the case is and the top bracket is easy to take out so you can attach the top radiator. Allows for easy removal or placement of the AIO if there is any maintenance needed. Installed all the parts booted up perfectly and loaded xmp profile without a hitch. Was able to load intensive games for hours on end at 4k with the CPU temps reaching no more than 34C and the GPU temps as stated above. Completely blown away by the performance that this generation offers. NOW THE BAD: Had to go to work one night and there was a windows update so I did Update and Shutdown and went to work. Came home tried to turn the PC on and it would not boot, wouldn't even go to the bios. It was stuck in a constant boot cycle of being on for 8 seconds turning off for 5 and repeating the process. The motherboard showed a debug code of 'FC' to which I consulted the MB manual to find out that code didn't exist. Searched it online and found out this code is undefined and reserved for future use. Great so why is it showing up on my motherboard.. Did every troubleshooting step imaginable, contacted Asrock and even they couldn't tell me what the code meant! They then suggested I RMA the board which is currently being processed and my replacement is on the way. Crazy roller coaster ride and still don't know what was wrong but when the new board comes I'm really hoping that was the only issue. UPDATES TO COME.

If there are any questions feel free to ask away and feedback is welcomed.

The pictures included are initial pictures I've taken so they're pretty low quality but once the system is up and running/ finalized ill include better quality and set up pictures.

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Nice build looks awesome. Stinks about that error. I know when i built my first system I was so excited but dam thing wouldn't show image. Ruined entire excitement. Till I found out I had a faulty PSU. Hope it resolved with the new motherboard. Enjoy it.