Looking to build your first PC or are you a first time PC gamer, Take a look at this budget build which is on par with the next gen consoles, when it comes to "graphics".

This is a fast and speedy build for the budget, lots of room for upgrading in the future, a Fast AMD processor plenty of ram and plenty of power!! The graphics card used is actually a Sapphire Vapour-x Version of the 7770 which I recommend you to buy, It will allow you to play all of last generation games, along with the next gen of games at at least Medium - High settings "Depending on the game BF4 can go around 50-70 fps on medium with some settings off or on ultra such as textures".

This was my first PC build, which was planned for myself but I ended up building it for my friend who is new to PC gaming and just wanted an all around budget gaming PC.

Overall price came to £550 you can bring the price down even more by looking at a cheaper case. The case for this build cost £100 when we bought it, since my friend insisted on spending extra for it. You could also bring the CPU down to an FX 6300, serious chip for your money 6 Cores for £60, This will bring you on par with the pricing of an Xbox One, and will be much better in terms of practicability and even graphics!

Anyone looking at this build to make it even better for Next gen, I recommend Upgrading the Graphics card to achieve Higher settings, also Look at a more capable Motherboard.


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