Will update reviews the more i test with games n such!

Part Reviews


With his twin brother 3600 it is the best buy in the medium class cpu, while the other is more cost efficient i went this way because i found a good black friday deal. You feel all the additional threads compared to my old I5 and performances are great.

CPU Cooler

It does his job but the building process its a bit of a pain and the way arctic advices to use thermal paste may be too much and i have the feeling that i could have better temperatures if i went with the classic "grain of rice way".


Really high cost efficiency, no problems with my Ryzen 3600x on first boot. Only annoying thing was the slow boot that took 20 secs with cpu fans speed getting high that i immediately solved it by updating BIOS to latest.

Video Card

Fantastic appearance and fantastic performance, temps are great too due to the three fans.


It is a bit compact but i didn't have any problems with cable management, thanks to the little metal tabs for the straps or with my components (328 Gpu in 330 max space). It has low space in front of the PSU but i managed to get all my cables setted well and you can move the HDD case ahead or remove it. So for the price it has , considering the the great appearance, the 4 fans included (3rgb) and the few downsides i think it was totally worth.

Power Supply

It has all the high Corsair Stardards and high quality components

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