Idk if I can call this a Budget build so i'll call it a mid-tier I guess lol. This did not cost me 800+ dollars. This PC costed me around 696-$720 to build. The hard drive was used and around $26 dollars, then I got a CPU+motherboard combo at my nearest micro-center. Lastly, the power-supply I got was new and sealed from a guy on craigslist for $50. I kinda waste $50 in the beginning though on a 450w power-supply without know that its not good for the PC to use almost maximum watts, and money on a used GPU that i returned(no more buying used gpus), and a crappy fake Chinese rx 560. Anyways, this was my first pc build and I love it! once i get more money ill get a ssd and re-download the OS. Maybe a new monitor too since the one i got for free is a 1080p, 60ghz, 1ms refresher rate Samsung monitor, but it lets out no sound(Have to use headphones for sound).

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