Hello, it's me again with another PC build. I'm 12 years old and this build is my second so far, and this one was for my grandma. She had that PC that looks like this:, and it was old and sloooow. It had a load of malware on it and it was just too slow. My grandma used it for Facebook and looking for cookie recipes and it became unusable, even for her. Her old PC would take literally 15 minutes just to boot. I offered that I could build her one, and she agreed as long as the build is under $400. I decided to built her an mITX build and that is what I did.

Her previous PC had a 75GB hard drive so I just went ahead and got a 120GB SSD so that it would boot up in basically 15 seconds and it would be plenty of space for her use. I chose the Cooler Master Elite 110 because it was at a good price and a good size. Building inside it was a bit tough because I had purchased a non-modular PSU which was kind of a mistake, but I made it work. The Pentium G2358 is very nice for it's price as well, so I picked that up and it works very well. I didn't run in to any problems and the build works perfectly fine and my grandma is very pleased. I also got a new monitor for this build from my Uncle who had a leftover monitor that he was not using, so that saved probably $100 on the build. I also installed ClassicShell on her build because she was used to Windows XP anyway. (The Windows 8 interface is pretty weird anyway) Also, boot time is around 10-15 seconds which is great.

So yeah, that's my PC build for my grandma. It's used for Facebooking and playing Facebook games and it is also used for finding recipes online. I had a lot of fun working with an mITX case and one day I'd definitely want to do an mITX gaming rig with one of those mini GPU's. That would be awesome.


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