This started as a computer build that i thought would be decent to at least play most games on low to medium settings. And I was not disappointed after everything was put together. On a funny side note i spent 6 hours arguing with microsoft support trying to install windows 10 home edition over the N or K editions. Now this build isnt what i actually wanted to build, but being on low income as i am, my choices were extremely limited on what i could afford. But for what games i play this build is more then enough to power through everything. My cable management skills suck but i wasnt to worried about it since im not really staring to hard into my case to stare at all the prettys inside.

Update: there are a few new parts to this build that havn't been added yet but i added an 8 gig Kingston HyperX Fury ram card and two more fans to my case to increase the cooling capacity along with another 2TB HDD

Also i didnt publish this right away as i had completed the system and completely forgot to come back to the site to say it has been published


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