Oh, hi there. I built this PC with a friend for his video editing needs. We went through the parts list together, then he made some final decisions and sourced everything. He has a Premiere-centred workflow. His budget was roughly A$5000. This is much better than the old MacBook Pro he was using.


Ryzen 9 3950X: For obvious reasons. 16 juicy cores. The main downside for him is H.264 playback in Premiere compared to a similar Intel CPU. But that equivalent is not exactly competitively priced. Sad! It's performing well, as expected.

Noctua NH-D15S: It's a big cooler. It's a Noctua cooler. It's good. Is it ugly? Yes. Will it ever been seen? No, for the PC will live under a desk (for better or for worse).

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi: This is a nifty board. I like this board. I don't like the idea of a fan on a chipset, but it's not my PC. I like MSI UEFIs and the board looks good though understated. It seems to work to spec. Seems to have highly capable inbuilt wifi.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x16GB: 3200 Mhz. CV LPX is good. What do you want from me? XMP seemed surprisingly stable at first, but then the computer crashed so there you go.

970 Evo Plus 1TB: He'll presumably use this as a scratch disk as well as a boot drive (and apparently plans on populating both M.2 slots in the long run). This drive is fast! Very cool.

Seagate Barracuda 4TB: Mass storage. Good value. I believe he has an external solution to supplement this.

EVGA RTX 2070 Super: A nice looking GPU. Surprised at this price point that there was no backplate for sheer protection. Then again, few companies really do backplates properly. This is highly functional and should serve him well.

Deepcool MACUBE 310: A disaster to build in. The MoBo standoffs were pre-installed very poorly to time wasting effects. Awkwardly placed cutouts limited cable management options. I would not trust magnetic side panels and additionally, they require very precise cable management which was made difficult by the limited power supply space. He bought this as it was recommended to him by someone in-store. After a couple of builds where most issues flow from such advice, I'm beginning to find it rather fickle. Not recommended.

Corsair RMx 1000 W: Fairly good modular supply; didn't get in the way too much. Some awkwardly sleeved (and the CPU cables were on the short side), but if you want nice cables, go for a custom solution I guess.

Additional Notes: He also bought a couple of Noctua case fans. The case also didn't support the 140mm fan on the NH-D15S but allowed us to mount it as a case fan. In all, it has four case fans and one CPU fan (probably soon to be two). I doubt the basic fan that came with the case will stick around, but regardless, it seems to have some decent airflow.

This was a lengthy build, owing mainly to the silly (though aesthetically pleasing) case. Fortunately nothing went seriously wrong and once Windows and drivers were installed, it was smooth sailing. I suspect it will work well for him.

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Very nice video editing rig. I'm jealous! With a %5K budget, I would have gone w/ 32 cores and a few PCI 4 SSDs to get it closer to a $3,000 build. Thumbs up from me. Enjoy!