First off, sorry for the pictures being in a weird order and for no pictures of me building it. The reason for no build pictures is due to me originally having a MSI R9 270X so by the time the 970 got in, the system was already put together. So I added a few more pictures to try to make up for it.

Being my first build I did make some part choices that I would do differently if I had to do the build over again. The case probably would be replaced by a source 210 (or something along those lines) and I could have left out the SSD which would have allowed me to get an i7 (i would also have to find a new mobo for the same price as my current one, but that's not hard).

But, who cares right?

Anyways, putting everything in the H440 was pretty easy, it also helps that the case has pretty good cable management. The HyperX 3K and the WD black are pretty fast and the ssd loads windows and other programs very quickly.

The MSI GTX970 Gold edition is a monster. The card runs cool, great for overclocking (so I hear from my friend who also has one, haven't gotten a chance to OC mine yet), and plays my games at 2k at high-max settings 50+ fps (except for DayZ which just, in general, runs like poop. Ex: playing a 720p gives my 2-5 more frames than at 2k same settings)

Now to the Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo, an utter b*tch to install. I've installed a total of 3 of these coolers and they are really a pain, the mounting hardware is the main problem. Installing the back plate, stand offs, and heat sink are quite easy but, the bracket that holds the heat sink to the back plate is annoying. First you must make sure the post in the middle of the bracket stays in the groove on the heat sink then you absolutely have to tighten the screws lightly in a cross pattern (make sure the screws are in the correct spacing holes) to thread all the screws in and getting those screws to thread is the fun part. I'll end my rant there, also note my fan that came with the cooler is failing, probably will replace it with some noctuas.

Besides some issues, the build was fun doing and it runs great.

Parts list (you know, for whatever):

AMD FX-8350 @ 4.6 Ghz CM Hyper 212 evo ASRock Fatal1ty 990fx killer Mobo G.Skill Ripjaws X 8gb (2x4) 1866 DDR3 Memory MSI GTX970 Gold Edtion (out of stock only 2000 were produced worldwide) Kingston Hyper X 3K 120gb SSD WD Black 1tb Hard Drive Corsair CX600 PSU Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit All wrapped up in a NZXT H440 (black/red model) Case Oh, some Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste too

EDIT: I replaced the 212 evo with an Enermax liqtech 240 and also added 2 more sticks of 4gb Ripjaws. Don't know why but i cant edit the prices right now so fyi the ssd was $90ish when I bought it and the 970 was $400.

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you hurt my neck making me turn to look at the vid card.

  • 63 months ago
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Yeah man sorry I just snapped some quick pics with my iphone if I get the time I'll try to put better ones up