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FARPOINT 2.0 UPDATE April 2017

by capdauntless



Date Published

June 30, 2016

Date Built

April 9, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

4.01 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

20.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

47.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

5.2 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

44.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

68.0° C


UPDATE: After great success with the Phanteks P400S TG on my Tantalus build I went ahead and bought a second P400S TG to put Farpoint in. It looks astounding and when I get my Noctua fans in it will be whisper quiet too.

This build was created to be a tribute to the soon to be obsolete AM3+ platform and the FX processor. Of course some would argue all AMD APUs and CPUs are obsolete but I would disagree as their value is tremendous. It remains to be seen if this system will be my gaming pc for twitch or will become an editing and streaming pc for my other system (CAPSUPREME). Technically my other system running the A10 7850K has superior cores and since most games don't utilize more than 4 cores it remains to be seen whether I will see much of an advantage in non DX12 and Vulkan games.

CPU - AMD FX-8320E - Chose as it is the cheapest 8-core AMD CPU I could get my hands on. Bought during a sale on NCIX for 129.99 CAD. Fantastic deal considering the FX 8320E is just a well binned FX 8350 with a slightly lower default clock. I have not had a chance to actually overclock it yet though the ASUS software included with the motherboard automatically did a slight overclock even with the the standard junk AMD cooler. The stock cooler is adequate but if you are going to overclock DO NOT use this cooler. The cpu temps under pressure pop up to an uncomfortable 65C very quickly (with an ambient temperature in the room around 25C to 30C. Hence the next item on the list. Overclocked to 3.8GHz so far.

CPU COOLER - CORSAIR H80i V2 - Now equipped with the H80i v2. Pretty happy with how easy it installs Though there are a lot of extra wires to think about. Looks great in the system. So far keeping the FX8320e nice and cool at 4.01GHz. I have added two Corsair magnet levetation fans to this and it has helped keeping the noise down though I plan on putting a couple Noctua fans in when they arrive shortly.

MOTHERBOARD - ASUS 970 PRO GAMING/AURA - Perhaps one of the best value boards on the AM3+ platform and recently released to boot. Love the look of this board and the RGB lighting around the chipset though once I have both of my GPUs installed they will hide most of that. I knew when this motherboard was announced that I had to have one. There are two limiting features of this board. One is the 970 chipset. This limits both GPUs to operate at 8x in crossfire which in theory should not bother their performance but it is a limiting factor. The second is power delivery. While technically it is not that fantastic in this area I have read that some outlets have been able to push chips like the FX 8320E pretty hard nevertheless. The question will be whether the power delivery will limit my overclock or the cooling.

MEMORY - G.SKILL RIPJAWS X 8GB DDR3-1866 X2- The value on these were just right. I actually wanted to get the Ripjaws Z as I prefer the heatsinks on that set but the X kits have grown on me. Only thing missing from these are LEDs but thats a small thing. G.Skill memory continues to be some of the best and most compatible memory I have used in desktops and laptops alike.

STORAGE - SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250GB - Chose this as the same drive in my CAPSUPREME build has been really fantastic. The Samsung Magician software is fantastic as well to get that SSD really flying. SAMSUNG 1TB 5400RPM 2.5" - Went with this as it was rescued from a decommissioned system. While it's a bit slow it's not bad for loading games and other data that I don't use very frequently. I do wish that companies that build these drives would make their exteriors look more interesting like a lot of SSDs do now.

The observant reader will notice that the ASUS 970 PRO GAMING/AURA is actually compatible with M.2 PCIE SSDs. You are correct but right now the prices of those drives don't equal the benefit of their speed as far as I am concerned yet. It does remain an option down the road to upgrade the storage in my system without cluttering up the internals with more drives and cables.

VIDEO CARD - Sapphire Radeon R9 290. This was a card I picked up refurbished and have never had a problem with it. Overclocking it just 50MHz though makes the fans go crazy to keep it cool. Otherwise it's super quiet.

CASE - Phanteks P400S TG - I built my latest build Tantalus with this case and decided I needed to move Farpoint into one of these as well. I love building in this case and love the included RGB light strip.

POWER SUPPLY - EVGA SUPERNOVA G2 750W - Love this PSU. If you go through the history of this build I went from the G1 version of this PSU but then I learned that it was a terrible PSU so I moved to a fully modular Bronze rated Seasonic of the same power rating. Then I found the G2 on sale for 20 bucks more than the Seasonic and I am very happy with it. Comes with plenty of cables and what cables are not used can be put in a handy EVGA branded bag that comes with the PSU. Oh and 10 year warranty? Yes please.

OS - I've already got Windows 10 running on this thing and it performs as expected. Windows doesn't seem to care about having 8 cores too much but that also does not surprise me. For the most part most applications do not but I expect with multitasking it should be useful to have the 8 cores.

I am also using a CM Quickfire TK keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches. Absolutely great keyboard. Couldn't recommend it enough. For a mouse I use my trusty Logitech wireless something or rather mouse. Cost a ton when I bought it back in the day but it keeps soldiering on and I absolutely love it. Its only failing is it terrible battery life. 1 Year? HAH no way.

Part Reviews


Great value at 129.99 CAD. 8 cores. Has the potential to really move when overclocked. (Box even advertises overclocking up to 5GHz). Stock cooler included is junk.


Great value and easy to setup. Included Ai Suite software is fantastic. The chipset has ASUS' AURA RGB lighting. If you are using one or two large video cards it will block the RGB lighting form being visible. Has official SLi certification as well. The 970 chipset only has 20 PCIe 2.0 lanes (GPUs in CFX or SLi utilize 16 PCIe lanes at 8X). Still more than sufficient for most anything you throw at it but antiquated for todays standards. That said it is a value board and I knew that going in.


Still be best value in enthusiast SATA SSDs as far as I am concerned. Performance is fantastic especially with the Samsung Magician software installed.


For what it is I am happy with the drive. It performs fine for it's specs. As it was rescued from another bit of tech I am happy.

Power Supply

So far so good. The ratings for this PSU are great and I expect no less. The price was right. Fully modular and comes with a bag to store the cables you are not using. Oh and a 10 year warranty is also nice.

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someta 4 Builds 2 points 32 months ago

How does this case cool? I really want to use it for a build...

BTW, this is very nice looking...

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 1 point 32 months ago

It does a pretty good job. CPU temps under load with the 3.7GHz overclock maintain around 47 degrees C with a room ambient of around 25 degrees C with my h80i. My r9 290 gets hot in any case. So far the negative airflow works pretty well. And as you say the build looks fantastic. I would encourage anyone to check this case out.

someta 4 Builds 2 points 32 months ago

I think I'll be using the case in my next build! Thanks!

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 1 point 32 months ago

Send me a link to the build when youre done!

someta 4 Builds 1 point 32 months ago


Might not be super pretty because we'll have a semi-modular PSU and thus no sleeved cable replacements, but maybe we'll get some sleeved extensions (like I did with my build)!

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 1 point 32 months ago

Well mines not that pretty i guarantee you that but the LEDs make up for it :D

RichiBarri 1 point 32 months ago

are you having troubles on any games with crossfire?

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 2 points 32 months ago

Not as of yet. I am still waiting on my 480s actually. As soon as I have them I will update this post.

Daimao 1 point 31 months ago

How often do you have to clean the dust/dirt out of your case with the negative airflow? I ask because I rarely ever use my AC (damn electric bills) and during the summer heat waves I can get ambient mid-day temperatures of 82F (roughly 27.7C) down here in southern California. I really hate cleaning out my cases but my previous case was a Cooler Master Storm Scout and it didn't seem to collect dust very quickly with 1 intake fan and 2 exhaust (not including PSU since it's bottom mounted). I plan on using the same CPU cooler in the same way. Still deciding on case fan setup, though.

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 2 points 31 months ago

This case seems to keep the dust down to a minimum due to the dust filter on the bottom. I don't think I've had Farpoint enough to really see any dust build up except for a small amount on the bottom intake filter. My other system CapSupreme remains very clean trapping most dust by its Fractal Design Define R5 dust filters. I don't live in a particularly dusty area (southern Ontario Canada) but it does get hot. Temps stay in the green (which I consider anywhere 15 to 25 degrees above ambient with my setup).

Which case are you planning on using? This one or something else? If you are really concerned about dust I would probably recommend a Define R5 or S. They have really good filters. That said I have been pretty happy with the 303 but its not nearly as tightly sealed as the Define series.

Daimao 1 point 31 months ago

Same one, the Inwin 303. I'm not too concerned with dust, as I practically clean my room every day (wood floors, it shows if you don't). Don't know if the huge ionizing tower fan I have running in my room actually does anything for dust, but it does give my room good airflow.

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 2 points 31 months ago

I have wood laminate floors myself so I know exactly what you are talking about vut the house I live in is 125 years old so there's lots of dust, but no like the desert or dry areas. The 303 should serve you well. Please link to your build when finished. Would love to see it!

Daimao 1 point 31 months ago

Will do! Still figuring out the case fan situation unfortunately.

I notice you seem to be using one of the 12 dollar 4-pack fans for your intake, and the top exhausts look like SickleFlow. Is that correct? I'm still wrestling with the idea of spending money on a high airflow Enermax (magnetic bearings). I just can't justify the cost for Noctua fans, you know?

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

Yes that is true. The SickleFlow fans are nice and quiet and at 2000rpm move quite a bit of air. And yes one of the cheap 4-packs are still at the bottom. I don't plan on changing this at this time but that sounds like a good plan on your choice of fan. I would recommend static pressure optimized fans for the bottom as there is a filter in place there. Airflow fans should work fine up top and on the back. Personally I would go for some Noctuas but the Cooler Master fans are pretty great for the price. Of course they are not pwm.

juancito117 2 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

Awesome build i didnt realize someone else was using the aura with this case, i changed y msi 970 to the aura as soon as i saw an inwin303 for the rgb lighting, and the fact we are both running, 8320e's is quite the coincidence too, any tips on the OC did u do it with the 4 way optimization from the asus software or manually and if u did do it manually a guide would be great.

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

Yeah the 303 just screams RGB lighting doesn't it? As for overclocking I had to manually do it in the BIOS. The ASUS software while good causes crashes on my machine. It also interferes with the Corsair Link software that controls the fans and lighting for my H80i. I didn't bother installing the AI Suite at all on this system. I have my machine running at 4.02GHz stable overclock. I can get more out of it but it pushes voltage into the 1.6v range and while doable on an AMD chip I still wouldn't want to do that for an extended period. Also keep in mind the AM3+ series chips do not like to be much more above 65 degrees C. I can let you know my settings but your mileage may very. I've seen this chip overclock stable to 4.6GHz but it seems I did not win the "silicon lottery" with my chip.

juancito117 2 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

please let me know your settings im only looking to oc to round 3.8 i will be changing the cooler for a deepcool captain 120m cooler, so no more air cooling.

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

May I recommend an h80I? The deepcool seems to have leaking issues with it's pump. Looks pretty cool though and I almost bought it myself for my build. As you can see I have the BIOS take care of most things on auto. All I set was the CPU Ratio and the CPU Manual Voltage. Under advanced settings this is what I have set:

Ai Overclock Tuner - Auto CPU Ratio - 20.0 AMD Turbo CORE technology - Enabled Turbo CORE Ratio - Auto Turbo CORE1 Ratio - Auto Memory Frequency - Auto CPU/NB Frequency - Auto HT Link Speed - Auto CPU Spread Spectrum - Auto PCIe Spread Spectrum - Auto EPU Power Saving Mode - Disabled

CPU & NB Voltage - Manual Mode CPU Manual Voltage - 1.387500 CPU/NB Manual Voltage - Auto CPU VDDA VOltage - Auto DRAM Voltage - Auto NB Voltasge - Auto NB HT Voltage - Auto NB 1,8V Voltage - Auto

juancito117 2 Builds 2 points 31 months ago

you sold me on the h80i, i just bought one will post pics of it soon

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

Glad to hear it. You won't be disappointed. If you get the H80i v2 make sure you go to Corsair's website and download the Corsair Link software. That will allow you to control your fans and your RGB LED on the pump.

codykrause97 1 point 31 months ago

How are the RX 480s doing in SLI? is there room for the fans at the bottom still? Heating issues?

capdauntless submitter 5 Builds 2 points 31 months ago

My RX 480s have been on back order for some time. Sadly I wasn't able to pull the trigger on purchase launch day. I will let you know as soon as I have them in possession. I don't anticipate any heat issues with the added cards as they are blower style. That said where my tower is positioned I anticipate my hands getting hot... This tower is standing on top of my other system and the exhaust for this system is right about the height of my keyboard and mouse!

jhaypee28 0 points 31 months ago

pls. dont confuse sli with crossfire. SLI is for nvidia gpus and Crossfire is for amd radeon gpus.

codykrause97 2 points 31 months ago

I mistyped dude, I was looking at doing SLI in the case... Chill buddy.