I've been wanting to upgrade to PC master race for about a year now, as i wanted to play games with my friends who all play on PC. This is what i built about a month ago, after saving for 6 months or so. The part list is pretty regular but i guess I'll still explain why i chose what i did for those of you that are interested.

Ryzen 2700 - I chose 2nd gen ryzen becuase i wanted to get into streaming and wanted the extra flexiblity tha comes with having 8 cores. I was originally going to go for a 3600 but after doing a bit of research and looking at benchmarks, i decided that the slight performance gain in gmaes wasnt worth the extra £40. So far its been running great, and I'm planning to overclcok once I upgrade from the stock cooler.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200 - This RAM dissapointed me a fair bit. I chose it because my freind reccomended it to me as RAM that would be reliable and overclock well, but in the end i cant even get my pc to run stable at 3200 and ive had to knock it down to 3000. Looks good though, and is still a fairly good price.

Crucial 480GB Sata SSD - Not much to say about this, other than it holds my os and it boots nice and fast. Good SSD

Seagate barracuda 2TB - Its a hard drive. OK

2060 Super Windforce OC - I'll be honest, I chose this because it was the cheapest 2060 super i could find from a decent company. It runs loud and fairly hot too, hitting 82 degrees on Heaven benchmark 1080p max. It makes an odd noise when the fans are on medium speeds, like a stalling car almost. Super fast though, just wish i spent an extra £10 so it runs quieter

Cooler Master NR400 - I chose this case because i really liked the m,inimalistic looks and the reviews i had seen said it had grat thermals. From my experiences i can say it seems to be a fantastic budget case

Part Reviews


Great bang for buck right now. would reccomend


solid board with great athstetics. RGB software is dreadful though


Didnt even run at the 3200 that i paid for, had to run at 3000


Its cheap and fast. thumbs up from me


solid storage. hasnt failed me yet

Video Card

Really fast card, but runs extremely loud and can get fairly toasty under load. the fans make a weird groaning noise


Fantastic case for the price. super quick and easy to build in and didnt give me any issuse, good fans inlcuded, and great airflow. highly reccomend!

Power Supply

Solid unit for the price, with nice black cables


Great colours and the white looks great, but i wish it was at least 75hz for the price


feels fantastic to type on and the red leds are very bright and dence. the switches are as good as people say they are. reccomended

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