Wanted something with a little more power than my aging budget build. Complete overhaul that will hopefully be more future-proof or at least give me some more mileage. Only overall build complaint is that I couldn't find a AIO/Case Fan/Mobo combo that I liked that would also work with a single lighting app for the RGB. Also this is my first build where I bothered with RGB at all.

The system is generally quiet but the NZXT cooler is louder than expected under load, although still quieter than my old build. Only thing I kept from my old build was the monitor and Samsung SSD.

Part Reviews


Looks great, beautiful RGB, and the XMP profile for the higher clock at 3600 works with no issues on my build.

Video Card

The GPU died after about 20 min. Maybe just a lemon or maybe its a build quality issue with Gigabyte. Currently out for RMA, so fingers crossed on that. If it comes back and works fine I may increase my rating so long as it performs well.


Very easy to build in, good airflow and lots of mounting options. Loses a star because instead of proper screws or something sturfy to support your GPU, the heaviest part in the system, there's just a hinged bracket with raised bumps that hold it in place with tension. Terrible design that doesn't support a heavy GPU at allll. Consider getting a support bracket. Otherwise a great case, and beautiful too.

Case Fan

Fans are great, RGB software is pretty good. Wish there was more compatibility with third-party RGB parts though.

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