In the beginning, I built this computer as a replacement for my AMD builds. One of the AMD computer had many issue. I would always get a blue screen for some weird reason.

Cpu The i5-6600K is AMAZING!!!! It's a lot better than the FX-6300 and the 860K. It completely blew my mind away while playing Skyrim around 80 Fps( Just mind blown!). Compared to the FX-6300, I was never able to reach that nearly that high. But the only con was the price; it's a little expensive. Overall it's a good cpu .

Motherboard The Asus Z170I Pro Gaming isn't the best mobo i had. When I'm booting up the computer, it's a lot slower then what you would expected. I even when using a sdd, it's still a little slow. The booting time isn't a major issue though.

Video Card The MSI R9 270X is kinda a old gpu but still works pretty well. I can play all the game that I want with no issues at all. But soon I'm gonna update to the R9 380X or GTX 970. I just need a little more power to play games like Assassin Creed. It's runs lower the 60c when I'm overclocking it.

Case This is the most weirdest thing ever but PcPartPicker doesn't have the case within it's database. I'm using the Cougar QBX; it's a good ITX case. It's small and compact but can fit a lot within.! Cougar QBX I will be updating this post so please stay tune!!!

Updated on 5/16/16

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  • 46 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build. Similar to one I'm thinking of.

Are you able to fit two DIMMs with this cooler and motherboard combo? I see you're just using one...

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

No, I'm not able to. The cooler is blocking the first dimm slot.