The venomous Snake had a Phantom inside creating havoc. Mysterious Behavior. Ghost in the Electronics


First complete build built solely for myself.

The Original hardware alone was just $602.91

Most was bought on NewEgg. In the order I received the parts:

Case - I saw it on sale for $35 and got it. It has all the features I wanted and actually surprised me with the quality. I would definitely buy from Rosewill again!

PSU (Corsair 500w) - It was a refurbished one, and although I could have gotten a new one for the same price with a MIR, I hate MIRs. I originally planned for a HD 7770 or 7850, otherwise I would have gotten the 750W version. It is also meant to be a stand-in for now.

I have since upgraded the psu to handle both overclocks.

Case Fans - A great deal, only surpassed by their $4.99 sale to clear out the inventory. They are not very bright, but they can be a bit loud... Louder than my stock case fans! They do move some air, though.

GPU - Ebay deal, used (price includes shipping). The seller had said there was only normal wear, they did not say the fans were almost dead. Of course I expected some wear & tear and dust, and I was planning on replacing the fans within a year (my projected time for when they would die), but I was not planning on replacing them right away, otherwise I would have looked around for a better deal on a used 7950.

CPU - This was more of a rush decision, as I wanted to make sure all the components worked so I didn't have to RMA anything and I still needed a CPU. It was new from Ebay, a tray unit, and as such I was able to get it and the 212 plus for the same price I would have payed to get a boxed CPU from NewEgg.

MOBO - This was the Motherboard I had my eye set on from the beginning! It usually is never on sale for less than what I got it for (excluding up to $15 MIR that I never sent in.) All the features I wanted and some more. I heard the NB runs hot, so I put some thermal compound on it to help it out. I installed the heat sink "upside-down" twice, as this was later at night, until I got it on in the stock orientation. The heat sink gets hot to the touch when at idle, though.

Win7 - Its Windows.

Ethernet Cable - Needed because I prefer hard connection to wifi, and my home router is in a different room.

Monitor - Good price for 1080p, sort of bright, though. I brought the brightness setting down to 15 (range 1-100) but I may bring it down a bit more.

HDD - I trust Seagate, as the 160GB Barracuda is around 7 years old and still running great! But I wanted a little more space, so I got a 500GB. I could have gotten a 1TB for about $5 more and probably should have, but I will still have plenty of space in the 500GB for a while anyway.

Seagate Barracuda 160GB - An older HDD from my family's old desktop (Built them a new one @3yrs ago) it was on almost 24/7 for 5 years. I will now use it as the OS drive for the AMD Snake. When it decides to die, I will replace it with a SSD.

CPU Cooler - Generally the best for the buck.

RAM - Got it based on Price first, heat spreader, speed, and color second. Just about the best price for any good brand 2x4GB RAM package.

I have also upgraded by adding another 2x4GB RAM package.

DVD Burner - This thing is so quiet! It's so nice and quiet! (I am use to Cheep Brand Here DVD burners which are super loud!)

CASE MODS - I am currently making the power switch light Red LEDs and that's why you don't see a blue glow, I have the light removed. Whenever I finish it I will show you it and all the cable management behind the back panel (I have to remove the back panel to change the power light LEDs). It was quite a squeeze to get it all in there.

PROBLEMS... -Still searching for more agents of the Phantom...

OTHER NOTES - Will mainly be used as a Gaming Machine, with side usage as a CAD Desk, Video & Image Editor, and as a Small Gaming Server. (and for streaming if I ever get better internet speeds)

An Elite Sniper who goes by the code name "G. Skill" is found guilty of internal computer shenanigans, and as such must be sentenced to be RMA'd at the nearest convenient time.

There's the Phantom that was creating havoc in my machine!

Thank you for reading.

Part Reviews


Over 7 years old and still running strong!


Great features and construction for sub $50 Mid-tower ATX cases! Comes with decent Fans!

Optical Drive

Quiet, Decent for the money.

Operating System

It's Windows

Case Fan

Louder than my stock fans @50% or more power, move air, nice looking but not flashy.


  • 55 months ago
  • 1 point

That 160gb Barracuda won't be dying for awhile, those are strong runners, tough. There's an 8 year old one that has never been turned off, it was the beginning of a home server. We swear that it only gets faster.

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Excellent build! I want to get that case also, but how is the cable management also isn't the fan at the front a post to light up.

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Cable management is ok, not great, but not terrible. If you have flat PSU cables it helps alot. I need to update the pics, but yes the front fan does light up. I replaced the stock blue led fan for a red led one.

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice. Cable management is awesome (or at least looks that way). Also, very nice temps. Hows your motherboard? I'm just curious

  • 52 months ago
  • 1 point

Sorry for the nearly month late reply (my summer has been busy), but that was the original cable management, and I tried the best I could, so thanks. The motherboard is a good model, worth what I payed for it, but the 990 chipset runs hot (typical High Performance AMD). The Killer Lan comes with easy to use software to help throttle any apps. Great for managing with the weak and slow internet I have.

I've gotten a new semi-modular psu with flat cables, and that helps cable management a lot! Also have added ram so Im now running 4x4GB and the mobo supports XMP for all 4 sticks.

  • 48 months ago
  • 1 point

Do you know if a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 4GB Video Card will be compatible with the Rosewill Galaxy-02 ATX Mid Tower Case?

  • 47 months ago
  • 1 point

My gpu reported on this site is about 10.5" I'm not sure which exact card you are wondering about, but this Gigabyte 960 4gb card would be the very largest that may fit. It is about an inch longer than my card. I would try to find something shorter if you can.

Oh, and please try using the forums for a single question post, because asking everyone with the same case on the same day can be considered spam.