At time of this publishing, everything is currently at stock settings.

Main purpose: (in order of priority) 1. Gaming 2. Home theater pc


CPU - Intel i7 4790K. I know it's a little overkill for gaming, however I wanted to make sure that I have no issues watching my comcast. Also I got a really good price for it. (Microcenter)

CPU Cooler - Corsair H100i. It's corsair's most popular AIO cooler for a reason right? Honestly, I'm a sucker for cool and sleek looking gear, so when I found out this cooler has a light that could change colors based on the temp of your CPU, it was my downfall. The good new is that it is a really awesome cooler and does an amazing job.

RAM G SKILL 32GB - 1600. Because i have nothing better to do wiht money than to buy ram.


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you can always do a lot better with money than throwing it away to no purpose :D

it could be used to get a real gaming keyboard AND a decent SSD for example.

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or putting it towards a better video card, like upgrading to 770 would eliminate some bottlenecks.

Me and a friend of mine built a similar one for less than $1k just a few weeks ago.

anyways OP, its a very nice build! I commend you XD

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why is my ssd bad and what is a good one for under $150?

  • 60 months ago
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you can get the 250gb samsung 850 evo for $100