General use, software development, light gaming. Mostly using remotely from a cheap $140 laptop. Had to replace memory since what I originally bought wasn't working. I also replaced original PSU since I was getting somewhat random semi-shutdowns (Which I seemed to have fixed before new PSU arrived.) I did create this one to be up-gradable.

This site is wrong about this PSU having the extra 4 pin power connector which was a disappointment. However if the peripheral or floppy power cables supply the correct voltage I will get a cable with the proper connections. (But I don't actually need right now since it is only needed when using a lot of power.)

I used the retail version of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro but it isn't listed as a choice. (Or I eventually will get the retail version license as needed.) I also wanted the Pro version since I set it up to be used remotely on my $140 laptop.

I find this is a great machine, very responsive even after discovering that all the SSD caching solutions do a poor job with minimizing writes and not currently using anymore. I will be creating software which will do an excellent job minimizing writes to the SSD's. I may set this up to operate as a virtual machine using Linux and Linux Chrome since I often reach more tabs than you can use effectively on one browser.

Part Reviews


I like this processor since it doesn't skip a beat.


Working well for me but I haven't been running it to it's potential. I do have a slight issue that it doesn't automatically use memory at it's rated settings (uses the best JEDEC settings) Also not well documented that to use the XMP profile you need to enable D.O.C.P. on this AMD based motherboard. The good part of manually setting memory speed is my CPU is rated at 2933MHz while the memory is rated at 3000MHz.


Working good but rated speed not set in JEDEC profiles but in the XMP profile which AMD based motherboards won't use automatically. Also I can't be certain but after I had first run my build the BIO's had set the speed based on the best JEDEC profile and this build would have these random semi-shutdowns (power led still on but all components stopped running). I suspect some of the JEDEC timings may be incorrect or the issue could have been with the PSU. Build stopped the random shutdowns after I had tilted this build to check the PSU fan and had reset the BIO's to use the memory XMP settings.


Always have had good use of both Seagate and WD drives. This was a great value plus the 7200RPM's for no more expense than the 5400RPM drives. Wow!


This is a really good case, easy open (front is a little tough at first). Has screw-less device trays but not totally easy to place device in proper position.

Power Supply

This PSU is working well but Thermaltake has several issues. First is that you can't find this model on the main web site. I did later find it on the ttpremium site but they don't document it well. Also the Toughpower models are all supposed to have a 10 year warranty and the product page on Amazon claims it has a 10 year warranty but then the box says it is only 7 years. Also I don't really know the serial number since the box says one thing but the software says another. Also the member site(s) is hard to get to and provides absolutely no info. No registered products, no warranty info on those products, etc. I HATE COMPANIES THAT DON'T PROVIDE MEANINGFUL MEMBER PAGES OR PRODUCT INFO! Also, this site claimed this PSU had the extra 4 pin ATX power that some of the new motherboards have but in fact it doesn't. But I have found you can buy an Adapter cable which connects a peripheral plug to the extra 4 pin ATX power with the correct voltages for any PSU's with an extra peripheral connector.

Optical Drive

The DVD reader seems to work well but have not used the writer as of yet. I don't like that ASUS makes it hard to get your warranty info and also reports it based on the original manufacture date and not your actual purchase date in spite of registering it with the purchase date.

Case Fan

I love these fans. Nice and quite but my current build won't ever use full spin so I can't be 100! I didn't really want white blades but they were the ones available. Very inexpensive. Depending on your motherboard fan connectors and total fans you may want to mix the PST models with non-PST models but not a biggie.

Case Fan

I love these fans. Nice and quite but my current build won't ever use full spin so I can't be 100! Very inexpensive.


These speakers are noisy with a lot of static/interference noise. I didn't realize the TV I am temporarily using for setup provides sound so I never needed these speakers. I had bought these speakers in part because they are powered from a USB plug and not AC. They were cheap.

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