This is my other build now with...Cable Management !

I got another 120 gb SSD this week ,and took the opportunity to tidy the cabling a bit

Also changed some of the parts to custom parts instead of the closest match like I had before .

I built it for Gaming

Salvaged the i7 out of a HP Pavillion thing,(HP Pavilion p6-2055a) for those who are interested

I added the rest of the stuff over time ,

First I got the Gigabyte MB ,then I added a Gigabyte GTX 650 2 gb ( badly researched,,,GTX 650 must be betterthan a GTX 560 right?) .

Then I bought a SHAW GT-DF1 GT-Defence-One case with it's own exploding PSU included,changed it for a HPS 680W A​TX QuietPSU

Which while better was still not really a good one.

Then I got the Patriot memory for free off a mate.

Added the Coolermaster cooler.

My wife bought the Crucial Memory on a trip to China

Overclocked the i7 to the max of 4.2 ghz for this locked cpu

Overclocked the ram to 1600 MHZ

Latest additions are the Coolermaster PSU and the Gigabyte R9 280 OC ,at 28.5 cm with a big 3 fan cooler ,,,,Had to buy the Shaw GT-GM​5 Gaming case just to fit it :P it is surprisingly good to build in for a $29.00 case.

The R9 is currently @ 1100 core 1350 memory can go higher but it runs everything nicely now.

Plays most of my games on high to ultra .

GTAV @ 60 fps on Ultra

The Witcher 3 @ 50 fps on high settings Hair works off.

Guildwars 2 @ 96 fps on highest settings

Fallout 3 @ 60 fps on highest settings

Battlefield 4 @ 70-80 fps on high goes down to 35-50 on ultra,although it drops down to stock clock speeds in BF4 for some reason,Doesn't seem to affect performance.

Both overclocks seem stable CPU gets to max of 65 degrees after a couple of hours of GTA or The Witcher ,GPU around 65 degrees

The total cost was over a year or so.


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Nice tidy calbes, and nice salvaged build!

I'm planning on something similar, just a bit older cpu (i5-750) which I hope will get some more performance once overclocked, and a similar gpu.

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Damn thats old, I know people who are having trouble with i7 990x's saying they are too slow

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Idk, that's still a previous generation I think. I've seen i5-750 compared to amd athlon 860k usually, so it should be good for a while.

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Nice idea, good luck with it.

And thanks.

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How did you open it? We cant even get the side panel open

  • 26 months ago
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Has two screws on the back

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You are right haha just a bit more awesome.

I love it it does all I need.

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