I will be using this for audio production and some lite video editing. I needed to replace a seven year old HP Media center PC with something that could handle anything thrown it's way. I do not game, that's why I have no video card. I also wanted wireless networking so I could move locations throughout the house if necessary. The z87i-deluxe matches well with the i7 4770k, The wireless AP feature is nice, especially if your router dies on you, like mine did. Even though I don't have OC right now, I will be doing it in the future, so I don't necessarily need to use water cooling now.

The corsair 250d case is nice, I think they should have fit 3 hdd bays and relocated the 2 ssd bays to the side panel like the bitfenix prodigy. And no dust cover over the back 2 fan locations kinda sucks, come on Corsair!

Intel graphics lets me setup multi displays and asus wifi go also lets me use my smartphone or tablet as an extended or main display which is cool.

Love the PNY ssd. about 7 sec. boot time!

PSU had no problems whatsoever fitting into the case!

Crucial memory was a steal for the price, and it's working well.


This build is awesome, I can render audio files in seconds vs 1 min plus for some of the same files. no problem with parts I picked so far, thanks amazon and newegg lol.


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No GPU? I'm surprised that you're using a multi-display setup. Are you going to upgrade in the future? Also, the two rear fan vents are typically going to be used as exhaust, if they are used at all. You don't need filters on an exhaust.

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That's right, no GPU. I don't plan on upgrading anytime soon as the intel onboard 4600hd GPU is all I need for now. I have setup 3 displays to this pc with no problems at all. yea I know the rear fan vents are exhaust and I don't have any fans in them but, I did not want any open areas where dust might enter the case at all. I do thank for your feedback.

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that ssd is really cheap! i might pick up a few :D