I built this PC for Arma 3, DayZ, and such. Its my first build. The GPU ended up smoking on me, and I had to get a replacement for it. Had to pay for shipping on the send back to vendor. Sent me a brand new one, and everything worked fine. I built this near April of 2016. I don't remember the exact price at the time of purchase but was near $1400. Photos are from late 2017.

Part Reviews


Haven't overclocked it but still wanted to have the option. Its a great CPU on DDR3. But the price is close to the DDR4 CPUs now. So if your doing a new build, I'd hop on the DDR4 RAM/Mobo/CPU. I get good fps in most of my games, paired with 970. I play Arma 3, a cpu heavy game. I get good frames on it but I still stutter and drop, but that's the games fault, not the CPU's.

CPU Cooler

A cheap CPU Cooler, feel more comfortable using this than the regular Intel Stock fan. I don't overclock but still.

Thermal Compound

Its thermal compound.


A good mobo, got it for about $100. Works fine. Would like to have more fan headers. Has two CPU fan headers. and 3 Case fan headers. Using one of my 4 case fans on the CPU header. Otherwise, pretty good.


Haven't had any problems with it, originally had a 2x4GB set, but grabbed another, making it a 4x4GB (16GB) system.


Its a fast little thing, I'll give you that. I installed my OS on it and Arma 3, and some of my apps. Run out of space pretty often. Steam is also installed on it, all other games are on my HDD. Also created a symbolic link for workshop mods to my HDD saving a lot of space. But you should get more space if your installing OS on it. Its worth it, trust me.


Works fine, $50 not too much. I've run into needing some more space about a year and a half into it. Not that big of deal deleting some games I'm not playing. Paired it with my 120GB SSD which my OS is installed. (Now that does run into some problems)

Video Card

A good card, get pretty well fps on it. (Non-OC) Mostly high/very high. Rarely do I have to go to medium settings on 1080p. I think its Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Rust that give me some problems with the FPS, when bundled with the i7 4790k (Non-OC). Had some trouble with it when I first started the system. Started smoking on me about 1 minute and a half into BIOS. Sent it back to vendor and got a replacement, works fine now.


For the price I bought it for, was worth it. For my first build, with an i7 4790k and GTX 970. The case itself is not too shabby for the price you pay. Holds up well, as long as your not abusing it. The plastic view in of the case has to spots for fans, but does not have dust filters unfortunately. It comes with two fans, which I honestly can't tell which way they are blowing, as they are so cheap. They do come with blue LEDs. They are premounted, and I can't figure out how to get the front one off behinds the hard drives. It has backwards screws. Has good cable management holes, and can't give that bad a of wrap for the price. Overall pretty good, I'd say.

Optical Drive

Somewhat loud, but works fine.

Operating System

It's Windows 10, went through install fine. Not much more to say.

Wireless Network Adapter

A small little USB that provides good WIFI. The range might be a little shabby, but still provided around 3 MB/ps behind a few walls out of the 7/8 I get right beside it or LAN. Its super cheap so you can't give it to hard of a time.

Case Fan

Works well, little loud for me. Definitely does a lot better job at airflow than what the fans that came with my case did.


I didn't realized when I ordered it that it was an LCD. But works fine. 1ms response time on it, wanted to make sure I didn't get any ghosting. Does the job well, and played on it for over a year. Good size as well.


A cheap little keyboard/mouse combo. There is a new CM Storm Bundle so I'd advise getting that over this. Only cons is that the LEDs don't come on when you start the computer so you have to press "SCR LK" (Screen Lock) every time you start it. A minor hassle, but you get used to it.


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