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Murica Refresh

by CurlySmallsIII


This build is my first big refresh since I built my first computer around 6 years ago. Some parts were kept from my last build and are the next things I plan to upgrade.

Run down of the parts:

CPU - Upgraded from an FX 8350. Didn't feel it was the right time to jump over to the blue team. Maybe later, if they impress me more.

CPU Cooler - Didn't get for performance as much as looks. If it ever becomes a serious issue I'll switch to an AIO.

Mobo - Best B450 I could find. However, the first mobo I got from Amazon was DOA and of course when I found this out Amazon was out of stock so that was a week delay. :(

Memory - I wanted fast memory cause Ryzen, this is the fastest the mobo is listed to support. This part's delay was 100% just Newegg's failure. It took them 2 weeks longer than their one-week delivery promise. Yes, for those of you counting along at home, that is 3 weeks for a part. And the last part I needed which made it even worse. But the memory runs great.

Storage - m.2 OS and app drive. 2 TB hybrid storage. All runs beautifully.

GPU - This is one of the parts that was transferred from my last build. I plan to upgrade to a 2060 or maybe whatever this 1160 thing may be.

Case - I like the airflow mesh design with cases and Fractal Design is great.

Power Supply - The other part transferred from my last build and the first part I am going to update next.

Case Fans - Cause of the Cooler Master CPU cooler.

My monitor and kbam are all listed on my Current Build list on my profile if you're interested.

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ZFGeek 1 Build 2 points 2 months ago

Pretty nice PC!