First build went a little over $1000 budget though.

I did play with the overclock setting, and I did stress test it. Overall I am more than pleased with the framerates and the overall build that I have done.

4.9 GHz gets 60° C max under full load. 32° C at idle. Avg: 38-50° C in heavy gaming sessions. 3.6 GHz gets 40° C max under full load. 28-29° C at idle. Avg: 32-40° C in heavy gaming sessions. I decided to leave it at stock clock settings as stock setting does more than enough performance for me.

The case is super easy to build in. It looks amazing at night. I did go for a push-pull config with the radiator so I had to remove the next cable hiding thing or the fans would not fit.

The Ram has been changed to 3200mhz. 16gb is more than enough for games.

The GPU sadly I did not overclock as gtx1060 came from my dad's prebuilt pc and so the overclocking it was very limited when I tried to. Framerates were really good. There is a list in the pictures with the frame rates statistics at ultra settings But I did hear about the rtx3000 series so maybe in the future, I will upgrade.

Part Reviews


It is an amazing CPU. Really fast. Will last me a long time for sure

CPU Cooler

Keeps the I7 9700k in good temps. Looks amazing in the dark


Great Mobo Overclocking is like breeze for me to understand in this mobo. Great for the Z390 budget build. XMP has to enabled for ram speeds.


Best ram for gaming on the daily. Chrome doesn't even take 1 second to open up.


Takes 10-7 seconds for my pc to start on to windows from a full shutdown

Video Card

Good GPU for the budget


An amazing case to work with for beginners. Beautiful at night.

Power Supply

Very quiet works well with my build


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