Built this for gaming mostly, my main focus was being able to play BF4 when it came out, along with some video editing, and holy hell did this thing destroy. After a million years of research I decided MX4 was better than Arctic Silver, and that's proven to be true in comparison to a friend's build, my temps are low and manageable.

Pros: Has played- BF4, Cities Skylines, Combat Arms, TF2, Saints Row 4, Far Cry 3 & 4, Witcher 3, GTA 5, and probably a million other games, I'm not a huge gamer, but I dip my hand into quite a few different gaming buckets. No real issues detected; GTA 5 was a weird one with odd glitches, but being a new game it was bound to have issues, turns out 3rd person shooters aren't my cup of tea, controls are wonky. Has done video editing- 2gb 8 minute video took about 11 minutes to render, which compared to my old laptop, took around an hour, they're hardly comparable. Temps have read as low as 8C, which is most likely due to the AMD temp sensor not working under 30C, so at least I know temps are low, just not how low (Still a pro, not a con). MSI HAWK was by far the best GPU I could have squeezed in here, any more power would cause CPU bottleneck, and any less and Witcher 3 would have been out of the question, only wish I had more vram.

Cons: GTA 5 glitches sucked (but were fixed), BF4 glitches sucked (but were fixed). Bioshock infinite had mad screen tearing, regardless of settings changes (but I had already beaten it on my laptop so I just never finished my second playthrough). Occasionally I get HD hangups for a couple seconds, files take longer than they should to open (this is rare). Should have gotten an SSD as well. *Mouse broke day one when I dropped it, overpressed one of the side buttons, but aside from the broken button it's functioned flawlessly.

Summary: I don't regret any of the parts in my system, only that it probably could have used an SSD, and cable management was a pain due to the stiffness of the raidmax cables. Everything has continuously run flawlessly and I hope to keep this system as long as it runs, possibly just passing the components on to my fiance, and keepign the case, when I'm ready to upgrade.

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