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Tripod - Light Gaming and Web Design PC

by TheAnthonyE



Date Published

July 19, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

3.2 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

34.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

43.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.05 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

6 GHz


This is my first build, just finished it a couple of weeks ago. It's been about 12-13 years since my last desktop computer, but since entering my graphic and web design career a couple of years ago I realized I needed something a bit more out of my PC, so I finally decided to build my own computer.

About the name: I attended university at Sam Houston State, a "small" school about an hour north of Houston. The official school colors are orange and white. Tripod, SHSU's unofficial mascot in the '50s, was a three legged dog who lived on campus grounds and was cared for by the students and faculty. Journalist Dan Rather nicknamed him "The Three-Legged Don Juan of College Hill". So since I went for a sort of an orange motif I thought Tripod was fitting. Sorry for the history lesson, lol. I can't shut up when it comes to my school.

Anyway, onto the computer: I wanted something fast and ran cool since I've had issues with these things in the past. Special thanks to vagabond who came up with most of this part list. Also to trickkynickk who sent over his suggestions for a partlist as well!

Part Reviews


Wanted an intel processor, and this one does the trick. Didn't hurt my wallet either.

CPU Cooler

Probably could have gotten something cheaper, but I works and I'm happy with it.


A little small, but I can't complain. Nice price for a quality product. 10 dollar rebate, too!


Needed 16GB worth of ram and this does the job nicely. Honestly, I got this particular one because it was orange to match my scheme. lol


Decided to fork over the extra 40 bucks for a SSD instead of an HDD and I'm glad I did. Super fast and works great. Loads photoshop and dreamweaver in a couple of seconds and Windows boots faster than my monitors can turn on.

Video Card

My build is mainly for light gaming, like Minecraft, Street Fighter, ect, so I didn't need anything too crazy. At $94 dollars it works great. I haven't tried yet, but it can run modern games at decent settings, and that's good enough for me! 20 dollar rebate, yuss!


Completely in love with this case. The orange was exactly what I was looking for and the orange LED fans have the perfect brightness - bright enough to see in the light, and dim enough so my girlfriend can sleep at night while I work. Easy to manage cables, even if I didn't work on it enough. Only gripe is the power button can be hard to press, but I barely notice it most of the time. Came with a rebate too, 10 dollars, but I would have bought it without the rebate lol.

Power Supply

No complaints, does exactly what I need it to do. AND there was a 20 dollar rebate to boot!


Got these monitors refirbished from Acer. Regularly 129.99 so a great deal here. I wish they had an HDMI port so I could plug in both without the adapter, but could not pass these up. They were supposed to ship in 9-12 days, but I got them in 2.


Awesome keyboard. The keys feel nice to the touch and they don't click too loud - which is perfect for my when girlfriend is asleep. The LED lights are a little dim for my taste, especially in the daytime/light, but are perfect for when the lights are off. Comes with multiple color settings: rainbow, purple, blue, indigo, pink, red, orange, and green. Mine stays orange at all times.

Comments Sorted by:

Value 2 points 45 months ago

Cool wallpaper and your workspace is really good!

Cables are a bit 'eh' and your CPU temp seems a little high. How did you paste your CPU and what kind of paste did you use? It could be because you went for a CM T4 instead of a Hyper 212 EVO though. Still those look like 'Stock Intel Cooler' temps especially for that i5-4460.

TheAnthonyE submitter 1 Build 1 point 45 months ago

Thanks! Yeah, 'eh' is a perfect way to describe my cables. I was just so anxious to put the thing together I didn't really spend enough time on it. I plan on going back and fixing it though.

The paste I used was the paste that came with the T4. Right now I'm at 32 degrees C.

Value 2 points 45 months ago

That's really kinda high for an aftermarket cooler. I mean the stock cooler pulls off 34C ambient in most situations on most 80-ish Watt CPUs.What method did you use to apply the paste? You might have to re-paste it again if you want decent temps, or it could be just that your airflow isn't that good and/or that cooler is just not that good.

TheAnthonyE submitter 1 Build 1 point 45 months ago

I'm not really sure if there are any other methods to apply to paste, I probably did it wrong if there is more than one. lol. I applied some and then spread it evenly. I just tried out another program to read my temps (speedfan) and those are reading at 27-28 degrees. I'll try repasting it/adjusting my airflow to try to fix it. If it doesn't work out I might try to get another cooler if my budget allows. Thanks for all of your help!

Value 2 points 45 months ago

There's only 1 REAL proper method to do it and a few really stupid methods that for some reason (only god knows) people keep suggesting. You should use the 'pea dot' method and nothing else.

TheAnthonyE submitter 1 Build 1 point 45 months ago

Ok, so that makes sense. I'll definitely try reapplying the paste now that I know I dun goofed. Thanks! :D

Zenoaxs 2 points 45 months ago

... keys feel nice to the touch and they don't click too loud - which is perfect for my when girlfriend is asleep.

I had to chuckle at this one, not because of the mispalced words but because of the whole sentence. Cable management - nothing against it be ause it's your first build, but try to use cable ties or velcro straps.

Overall nice build.

TheAnthonyE submitter 1 Build 1 point 45 months ago

lol, thanks. I plan on going back and fixing my cables in the very near future. I was just too excited to put the thing together I didn't work on it enough.

Feliks 2 points 43 months ago

How many gb is usable of your arc 100? Would you recommend this ssd? (It's $65 for me.)

TheAnthonyE submitter 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

Sorry for getting back to you so late. Been a couple of days since I've been on. 223GB is usable for me. I would recommend any SSD for your OS and for games and stuff and the ARC 100 is a great value buy. Every thing is so fast! It takes like 10 seconds total for Windows to load.

[comment deleted by staff]
TheAnthonyE submitter 1 Build 1 point 45 months ago

Sweet, a jipster69 comment! I feel validated as a member of the community now, thanks! :D

That's really not a common nickname for humans, how'd you get it?

[comment deleted by staff]
bloodprince 2 points 45 months ago

I actually have a similar nick name due to the same situation, big hands big feet lol. Love the background! Dbz ftw.

TheAnthonyE submitter 1 Build 1 point 45 months ago

i dont get it.

TheAnthonyE submitter 1 Build 1 point 45 months ago

lol jk