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by farsidekid00


The total build with keyboard cost about $420 after shipping and with rebates and deals. Just wanted a cheap-ish solution to streaming, storing lots of movies, playing blu rays, and not having to worry about formats. Power supply took up more or less the entire inside of the case. Also, the advertised 2.5" hard drive space does exist but it's impossible to connect power to it because it's flat against the bottom of the case.

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philip staff 10 Builds 7 points 76 months ago

Really, really like this build. Clean, simple, not too expensive, and a Guinness on the side!

jimmy_dog 1 Build 2 points 76 months ago

damn that's a lot of ram for a htpc nice build though

laketrout 1 Build 2 points 75 months ago

@ $34 for 8 gigs of ram you can't really complain though.

BudgetBuilder 1 point 76 months ago

Great build, its considered to be a low end CPU but the lga1155 socket gives you a lot of room for upgrade. I'm contemplating building myself a mini-ITX build, however I will most likely use an i3 and a mid range graphics card.

PirateZombieBazooka 3 Builds 1 point 71 months ago

Nice looking build. Pretty close to what I'm putting together. In fact, I have the same case and the same exact Corsair PSU in mind. How was the cabling with this combination? Also, re: the SSD: Is there any realistic way to mount one (in addition to a HDD)?

Bseagull -2 points 76 months ago

I would have actually gone with like 2 gigs of RAM. But otherwise great build, great price!

ming08108 -2 points 76 months ago

Is 8 Gigs of ram a little overkill?