This is my first build. I wanted to make something reasonably priced with lots of room to upgrade in the coming years. I was able to get all the base parts from Newegg without paying extra. They came in two days in one box and I put them together without difficulty. My only complaints are I had to push a little hard to get some of the power connectors in and one of the case legs is a little short (easy to fix).

I play a few games (mostly MMOs, which so far run quite happily on the Intel 6100's integrated graphics). I will also be using the computer for some basic data analysis, simulation and graphing - so we'll see how that goes.

I was able to keep the power supply cables out of the way with the zip ties and it looks quite tidy despite being non-modular. I do find myself annoyed by the bulky mesh-wrapped wires piling up by my intake fan, so I may upgrade to a modular supply with ribbon cables in the future - particularly if I buy a GPU or expansion cards.

I do a lot of micro/nano fabrication for school, so I was particularly interested in getting a MoBo which was compatible with the next few years of interesting technology. It supports the latest and greatest intel 14nm Skylake chips, has an M.2 connection for when the Samsung 950 PRO comes down in price, and uses DDR4 ram (why not?).

Questions and comments are welcome. I will upload idle/load temperatures and a picture in a bit (the case is very nice but there's not much to see inside; it's pretty empty).

In particular, please let me know what you think my next upgrades should be - as this is my first build I'm really shooting in the dark.


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Doesn't look like you cable managed at all. Once I finish mine I might show you how to do good cable management in this case.