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"Lagann" ~A Micro ATX Build

by mz707



Date Published

July 10, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

970 MHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

5.5 GHz


I primarily decided to build this PC mainly for going to LAN parties and use as an HTPC to stream anime and movies in my room. The build went smoothly considering that it was my second build.

Part Reviews


Just as good as my i7 4770k in gaming, decent in video editing

CPU Cooler

Kind of difficult to install but keeps CPU cool


Very nice bios, easy overclocking tools, red leds... Very nice mobo


Slower than an ssd boot drive, but that is to be expected. Good price and does its job

Video Card

Runs all my games on ultra 60+ fps, visually appealing, nice backplate


Kind of a tight fit for my matx mobo, had to remove the hard drive cage to install the hdd, but plenty of cable management room. Nice blacked out look

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skemble 24 Builds 2 points 45 months ago

I've done three builds in the N200 now. If you were interested in making the 8 pin look better (I realize there isn't a window, but YOU WILL KNOW), I had to run the cable through the CPU cut out and behind the board before putting the board all the way in. A bit of an annoyance, but just thought I would toss that out there.

Really excellent build. The parts are very nicely balanced and I can tell you knew what you were going. Bravo!

mz707 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 45 months ago

Thanks! That 8 pin connector was giving me trouble so I just decided to route it behind the heat sink and tie it down with a zip tie, but thanks for the tip

jambii420 1 Build 2 points 45 months ago

Nice hows that 380 holding up? Been wanting to check the new series out. Some have said theyre no different than the 2 series is this true?

mz707 submitter 2 Builds 2 points 45 months ago

I personally never used a 200 series gpu, but so far the preformance with the 380 has been wonderful. I'm getting performance similar to my 770 in my main rig. Since they are similarly priced to the older series and have Direct X 12 support, I'd go for it.

dsargent7 1 Build 1 point 45 months ago

What games did you test that card on? I was debating upgrading to a 4gb version of that card, but if you're getting 60fps at Ultra settings, then I may consider that variant.

Also assuming you're playing at 1080p, correct?

mz707 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 45 months ago

I tested The Witcher 2, Dota 2, CSGO, Far Cry 3 and 4, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, and a heavily modded Skyrim. Yes, I mainly chose the 2gb variant because of what I need personally. I'm not planning on playing at a resolution higher than 1080p because I only have a 1080p monitor and can't afford a 1440p monitor just yet. The extra vram might help in some games with large texture packs and higher resolutions if that's what you need.

Ijamzytv 1 point 44 months ago

Bit late but how stable is your fps in csgo? Min and Max fps please.

mz707 submitter 2 Builds 2 points 44 months ago

I haven't benchmarked csgo, but I usually average around 160+ fps that never dips under 100 fps. I can do a benchmark soon and add it in the description

Ijamzytv 1 point 44 months ago

Oh right, Thanks in advance.

Atron 1 Build 1 point 45 months ago

I would have gone for a case with handles for LAN e.g. BitFenix Prodigy but a pretty nice build

mz707 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 45 months ago

I chose the n200 mainly for its lower price. However, the Prodigy would be a nice case upgrade in the future

tyler39 1 point 45 months ago

whare did u get the i5 4690k for 200$

mz707 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 45 months ago

At Microcenter. It was well worth the drive out there

Himei 1 point 44 months ago

Great build. I got a question for the mobo, I am running into a overclocking issue with the board. How did you go about overclocking on it? For me (g3258) I raise the vcore then the multiplier but the board will lock up with any amount of overclocking (as little as +200hz). I replaced the first board (microcenter is great) but the 2nd board is doing the same. Nothing wrong with CPU, was coming from Asus board at 4.4ghz.

mz707 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 44 months ago

Nothing so far. I haven't overclocked just yet. I'll have to test that out... I hop it's not a common issue with this mobo

Michael201 1 point 42 months ago

no probs with that r9 380 on a 500 watt psu?

hashim9455 1 point 39 months ago

It is verry compact and good

[comment deleted]
mz707 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 45 months ago

You bet it did :) Just who the hell do you think I am?

[comment deleted]
[comment deleted]
mz707 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 45 months ago

Thanks! Hahaha :D

[comment deleted]