Hello pcpartpicker!

Ahhh, where to start? This happens to be my first pc build, and it went joyously. I'm twenty, a college student, and spent months planning, finding deals, looking for the best price/performance ratio. I also went crazy with the good old dremel, Huzzah! I finished the build just before getting into a pretty major motorcycle accident, ruining my motorcycle pretty bad (poor baby) and also having to end up amputating my leg below the knee. So in its own right it worked out pretty well timing wise :) Healing has been a breeze these few months.

My uses for the beast are as follows: Gaming, School Shite, Hardcore...internet browsing... ;p

Respect to those who get the title analogy.

And now I will continue to bore you with a list of why I chose what I chose. Enjoy?

CPU: Cant go wrong! Six "cores", beast of an overclocker, and for 110 bucks? Seemingly an obvious choice. That being said, a month later the 8320 went on sale for 120$... missed on that one.

MOBO: got it cheap as a newegg refurb. Was a risk but it has been kicking *** so far. Soon I'll start o/cing and we'll see how it can do. otherwise its peripherals were all I needed. One thing i will note is it doesnt have usb 3.0 front panel headers, when for one reason I thought it would... oh well theres plenty on the back.

CPU cooler: keeps my cpu cooler than stock. its about 30-37 on idle and I haven't really done any stress testing on load. will do what you guys want me to if you let me know in the comments. the reason for this cpu coller and not a regular good old hyper evo is it wouldn't of fit in the case. more on that later. Running push pull with a cheapo 90 and stock fan, may change that eventually.

RAM: Found the 7 dollar stick on sale and was stoked! they're typically like 20 $. that being said though It would only allow the purchase of one stick, so I needed an eight gigger to top it off. may donate the two gigger to a build I will do for me pop's birthday, since my parents are using a failing and old slow core duo. gonna do a amd fm2 m-itx for that one

HDD: got it as a newegg refurb, it clicks and does okay at best, but soon Ill be getting a ssd for windows and such so it should hold out for now

GPU: this sucker is temporary and kicks surprising ***. will be donating to parents build soon, and upgrading to probably a r9, maybe a 760 or 7950 or 7870 xt

WIRELESS: does really well. 3.5 gb/s downloads surprised the crap outta me after using that core duo wired sloth of a machine. doesn't even compare

Peripherals: All fairly standard and kickass. headset is amazing for my standards, keyboard is worthy, especially for 13 $. monitor is ******* amazing. couldnt figure out why it wouldnt fit the whole screen for a while. turned out the amd catalyst control scaled it down. ********. kicks as now. mouse I got of amazon. just a budget china made high dpi mouse. works surprisingly descent. Dvd drive I used once for windows, meh. thats it. sittin in the closet now.

PSU: cheap, 80 plus, semi modular, stoked on the price on this one

Case and fans: Here is when I broke out the Dremel and drill. Got some acrylic at the hardware store and dremeled out the side, put some u tape around the edge, and double sided taped the window on. also dremeled out the top in a circle for the 120mm fan up top to suck in air. there is also a 120 hidden behind the bottom of the front panel, also intake. the exhaust fans are the 90mm in the back and the side panel 80mm that came with the case. I think the fan on the outside gives it a hot-roddy look, you may disagree and that's cool. that being said the fans work, but cheap is cheap and therefore they are loud. I got all four extra fans for under ten bucks so I got what I paid for. Will likeley upgrade the some more quality fan suckers like some corsairs or maybe eventually strap a liquid cooling solution in my typical ghetto-ish fashion.

Well If you like It then good and I do too. Opinions welcomed, If I don't respond then I am playing skyrim, because its so much prettier than console. Sorry for the bad grammar also, didn't feel like writing an A+ essay for you fellows. Sorry, I know you all deserve better.

EDIT: Got a ssd! She's kickin *** now! EDIT: CPU-Z says I'm 21 degrees celcius at idle... ok?


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Looks like a great build! Good luck with your leg too,

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Hey thanks man! I'll take it!

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Nice build, would you recommend that headset?

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Thanks friend!

I am by no means an overly knowledgeable person on headsets, this being my first one, but the headset has been phenomenal! Dropped it a few times, wire is braided and strong, and sounds amazing! It comes highly reviewed per newegg and pcpartpicker, and after some review searches I found it to be kind of the standard bearer for gaming headsets. I've very much enjoyed it and probably will into the long (hopefully) future. Seems sturdy, integrated volume control and mic muter control is surprisingly useful. So in conclusion I would reccomend it. ;p cheers!